[Marxism] 2020 - Sanders Takes Top Spot In Dem | Quinnipiac University Connecticut

DW dwaltersmia at gmail.com
Tue Feb 11 08:23:53 MST 2020

My comments were not about the "meaning" of Sanders campaign. It was about
his placement in the national poll conducted by Quinnipiac. it is
meaningless. There are dozens of polls conducted since the Fall of last
year that show Sander's beating Trump in a straight up head to head
election. Why not comment on this. This hasn't changed an iota. Secondly,
this is a about the other party of Wall St. Personally, the fact that
Sanders says he is a socialist (again, by the result of a misunderstanding)
is...nice but it is not what I've been waiting for all my life, John. I
look forward to the working class actually moving in the direction of
independent working class *power* and not some sort of electoralist reform
inside the capitalist party. Back at you with your sectarian mud slinging,

David W.

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