[Marxism] 2020 - Sanders Takes Top Spot In Dem Quinnipiac University Connecticut

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Wed Feb 12 06:58:46 MST 2020

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>> The question remains, how can Sanders stand up to the pressure of finance capital and what forces does he have behind him to make this stand possible?
> Absolutely. It won’t happen without a fight, and the odds are vastly against us.

I should add: The myth of the scarcity of liquidity — the central myth MMT is working to debunk, I would say — is a myth perpetuated by the ruling class (and, sadly, some Marxists, if unwittingly). The ruling class has understood it was false since at least the 1940s, when US war spending eliminated any remaining doubts; see Sam Levey’s piece, "Modern Money and the War Treasury” for details, including some amazing passages from Walter Lippmann. (Actually, ruling elites have understood much of what MMT has tried to clarify and systematize for millennia; see Michael Hudson’s book “… and forgive them their debts…” for a sweeping historical survey.) Countering and debunking the myth, and exposing the damage that has been done under its cover, is part of the process of building the movement that can force another path. It doesn’t eliminate the need for class struggle; it simply opens up possibilities for class struggle that the working class hasn’t generally grasped.

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