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Fri Feb 14 10:48:53 MST 2020

> On Feb 14, 2020, at 10:51 AM, Daniel Lindvall <daniel.lindvall at filmint.nu> wrote:
> I hope to be proven wrong and I support any serious attempt at pushing through real reforms, but I can’t see it happen without a mass movement threatening the hell out of the ruling class.

Who said it will happen without a mass movement? You didn’t watch the video of Raul Carrillo, did you? The entire MMT activist base — and there are many thousands of people involved, in countries around the world, as well as several recurring podcasts, blogs, conferences, and a very active publication scene — are completely focused on building a mass movement — radical mass movement. Much of the entrenched left is making itself deeply irrelevant by refusing to engage with this body of ideas and this emerging movement. You see all those people at the Sanders rallies? What about the Sunrise Movement occupation of Pelosi’s office? Those are significantly due to the work that’s been done around MMT over the past 20 years. It isn’t an odd coincidence that Stephanie Kelton is a close advisor to Sanders. It also isn’t an accident that he is still committed to showing how things can be paid for — because he knows that even many people on the left aren’t prepared for the radical truth that “budget discipline” for a monetarily sovereign government is a ruling class fiction.

I don’t think there’s anything more tedious than engaging with people who “hope to be proven wrong”; what a dreadful spiritual condition that must be. Roll up your sleeves and start helping — filling the gaps in your knowledge and alleviating your doubts, or sharpening your critique if you still have one — or get out of the way. Nobody owes you “proof” of anything.

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