[Marxism] Socialism and development: six theses on global integration | Lefteast

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Feb 21 06:01:57 MST 2020

Thirty years after the fall of the Berlin wall, an inability to see East 
European history in a global perspective still remains a major 
limitation for understanding the significance of socialism and the 
post-socialist transformation.. Achieving such a global perspective 
requires us to abstain from Cold War interpretation frameworks, which 
pictured East and West as separate and opposing worlds, as well as from 
the reactualization of such frameworks within contemporary geopolitical 
power struggles. Furthermore, it requires readjusting our focus towards 
the global dimensions of a deepening socio-economic and political 
crisis, including possible future mass extinction caused by climate change.

In the following, I bring forth several theses regarding this question, 
from a perspective situated in Hungary – the East Central European 
country that came to be seen today as the exemplary case of the 
“failure” of the liberal program of post-socialist regime change. In 
addition to a broader tradition of research inspired by a world-systems 
approach, as well as new approaches on socialism that apply a global 
methodology, these theses are based on a recent history of debates 
within new left perspectives that have emerged in the region in the last 
decades, as well as results of collective research within the Working 
Group for Public Sociology “Helyzet” in Budapest.


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