[Marxism] Trump's Visit to India

Marla Vijaya kumar marlavk at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 22 08:38:11 MST 2020

Mr. Pankaj Mishra has given a one sided-picture of present-day India. And moreover, Neoliberalism is not Trump's patent. Trump 
is only the latest model to come out of the factory called neoliberalism. So is Modi.
The Modi government's move on Citizenship Amendment Act is all set to backfire. An act, stated to identify Muslim infiltrators from 

neighbouring countries, had actually thrown out much more Hindus than Muslims in the the state of Assam, where the exercise was 
done. Some 15% of the state's population are adversely affected and some have landed up in Detention Centers, Modi Government's 
name for Concentration Camps. More than a hundred people, both Muslims and Hindus died of sickness due to the appalling 
conditions in the Camps.
In a country where births don't get registered and a vast majority of the population do not have valid documents for proof of 
residence in the country, any attempt to screen citizens is fraught with untold land mines. It is said that some 90% of the people 
have mistakes and inconsistencies in their identity documents. The ruling BJP and its shadow authority, the fascist RSS have 
started a viscous propaganda that they are going to weed out 180 odd million Muslims and throw them out of India's borders. 
But nobody is sure that if screening were to start, anywhere up to 75% of India's population, mostly Hindus will end up losing 
their citizenship. The people are agitated  and Hindus, Muslims and so-called Low Caste Dalits have come in to the streets in 
protest. In Shaheen Bag Square in Delhi, thousands of Muslim, Hindu and Sikh women have been protesting since the last two 
months, in the lines of New York's Occupy Movement. And similar protest camps have come up in hundreds of towns and cities 
all over India. And a campaign by Communists in Bihar had covered the whole state of 100 million with public rallies in every 
town in the state. The opposition seems to be mounting with every passing day. Half the state governments in India have declared 
that they will not go ahead with the implementation of the Citizenship Act. Apparently, Modi has to dismiss the state governments 
and put them under Central Government rule, if he wants to go ahead with the implementation of the Act. Not withstanding the 
public stature that the Act will be implemented, come what may, any such move is going to land in a major crisis from which 
Modi can not extract himself. The so-called strongman is now standing on shaky legs.

Vijaya Kumar M

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