[Marxism] NYT says Maduro and Mendoza made a deal in 2018

Anthony Boynton anthony.boynton at gmail.com
Mon Feb 24 09:07:32 MST 2020

*Venezuela’s Socialists Embrace Business, Making Partner of a ‘Parasite’*

The New York Times By Anatoly Kurmanaev Feb. 23, 2020

CARACAS, Venezuela — As Venezuela tumbled deeper into economic crisis in
2017 and its people searched for a way out, one name kept coming up:
Lorenzo Mendoza.

The family name is universally known in Venezuela. Empresas Polar, the food
conglomerate started by Mr. Mendoza’s grandfather, had grown into the
country’s largest private company. Its corn meal, used to make the national
dish, was in every pantry, and its beer a welcome part of social

As President Nicolás Maduro’s disastrous economic policies set off food
shortages and a refugee crisis, Mr. Mendoza emerged as an outspoken critic
of his administration and its persecution of the private sector.

Polished and eloquent, Mr. Mendoza also offered a stark contrast to the
gruff president. His popularity was such that pollsters measured him
against Mr. Maduro in mock presidential matchups.

Then, suddenly, Mr. Mendoza disappeared from public view, and Mr. Maduro
stopped calling him a “thief,” a “parasite” and a “traitor.” The government
quit harassing Polar with disruptive raids and began, in time, to adopt the
economic changes Mr. Mendoza had proposed, like ending crippling price

The story behind Mr. Mendoza and Mr. Maduro’s truce, sealed in a previously
unreported meeting in mid-2018, describes the rapprochement between
Venezuela’s self-styled revolutionary government and the business class it
waged war against for nearly two decades.


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