[Marxism] Fwd: Mailman privacy alert

STEVEN ROBINSON srobin21 at comcast.net
Tue Feb 25 10:03:39 MST 2020

I thought I was unsubbed from Marxmail because, except for one email early in the day, I got none of the posts from yesterday or early today.  So I resubbed and got the message below.

Some weeks ago I got a bounce warning threatening me with being unsubbed unless I responded, which I did. Everything went well until yesterday.

Evidently there is some sort of problem but don't know whether it is at your end or mine as I don't seem to be having similar problems with my yahoo or io groups.

Anyway, if there is something you can do to help, I would appreciate it.


> ---------- Original Message ----------
> From: marxism-bounces at lists.csbs.utah.edu
> To: srobin21 at comcast.net
> Date: February 25, 2020 at 8:48 AM
> Subject: Mailman privacy alert
> An attempt was made to subscribe your address to the mailing list
> marxism at lists.csbs.utah.edu.  You are already subscribed to this mailing list.
> Note that the list membership is not public, so it is possible that a bad
> person was trying to probe the list for its membership.  This would be a
> privacy violation if we let them do this, but we didn't.
> If you submitted the subscription request and forgot that you were already
> subscribed to the list, then you can ignore this message.  If you suspect that
> an attempt is being made to covertly discover whether you are a member of this
> list, and you are worried about your privacy, then feel free to send a message
> to the list administrator at marxism-owner at lists.csbs.utah.edu.

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