[Marxism] Fwd: Mailman privacy alert

Les Schaffer les.schaffer at gmail.com
Tue Feb 25 10:54:00 MST 2020

your subscription is alive and well. the message appears because you are 
subbing when already subbed. so the question is why didnt you receive a 
subset of today's posts. i dont see any bounce warnings to the 
moderators for you.

next time you get a bounce message as before write me offlist and i will 
check it out.


On 2/25/20 12:03 PM, STEVEN ROBINSON via Marxism wrote:
> I thought I was unsubbed from Marxmail because, except for one email early in the day, I got none of the posts from yesterday or early today.  So I resubbed and got the message below.
> Some weeks ago I got a bounce warning threatening me with being unsubbed unless I responded, which I did. Everything went well until yesterday.
> Evidently there is some sort of problem but don't know whether it is at your end or mine as I don't seem to be having similar problems with my yahoo or io groups.
> A

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