[Marxism] Sanders's "turnout" strategy not working

STEVEN ROBINSON srobin21 at comcast.net
Tue Feb 25 11:52:14 MST 2020

A substantial portion of Sanders supporters in 2016 did not vote for Clinton, basically abstaining. A fact the Democrat leadership frequently trumpets.

If - as I believe - Sanders is again cheated, the anger of the supporters will likely be even greater than it was back in 2016 and it was intense then (still is).  Seems this would give an opening for the Green Party, to urge those supporters to support and vote for Hawkins. Given the inevitable fury of the Sanders movement at being cheated, I think we would find a most receptive audience. It may well turn out to be the biggest opening the Greens have had since Nader left the GP in 2004. SR

> On February 25, 2020 at 10:34 AM Dennis Brasky via Marxism 
>     If Bernie is cheated out of the nomination as was the case in 2016 and
> declares his independence from the Dems and runs a third party campaign,  I
> would do whatever I could to support it. If he repeats his surrender of
> four years ago, we need to get behind the candidacy of Howie Hawkins of the
> Green Party.
> >
> >

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