[Marxism] Excellent reply from Dave Lindorff answering the Cuba-baiting of Sanders

Dennis Brasky dmozart1756 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 25 12:48:53 MST 2020

I'll defend Castro. He fought a revolution that ousted the Mob-run Batista
dictator, closed down the mob run casinos, and kicked out the Western
owners of the sugar plantations, elevated the peasant class, gave them a
world-class health care system and made the largely illiterate country into
the most literate nation in Latin America. Okay, because the US, imposing a
tight embargo on Cuba after the expropriation on US corporate assets there,
drove Castro and his government into the arms of the Stalinist Soviet
Union, he ended up adopting a lot of Soviet economic ideas and governing
methods, and became enamored of his own indispensability to the
revolution's success. That part wasn't so good, but I'll agree with Bernie
that Castro did a lot for the Cuban people. I'll also say that had the US
not been so rabidly anti-Communist, and more willing to adopt friendly
relations with a Marxist, as it did with Tito in Yugoslavia, Cuba might
have evolved into a much gentler socialist society, especially if the
embargo had not existed.

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