[Marxism] Why Friedrich Engels would likely support a vote for Howie Hawkins today

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Feb 26 07:29:03 MST 2020


The rottenest side of the K. of L. [Knights of Labor] was their 
political neutrality, which resulted in sheer trickery on the part of 
the Powderlys, etc. ; but this has had its edge taken off by the 
behaviour of the masses at the November elections, especially in New 
York. The first great step of importance for every country newly 
entering into the movement is always the organisation of the workers as 
an independent political party, no matter how, so long as it is a 
distinct workers' party. And this step has been taken, far more rapidly 
than we had a right to hope, and that is the main thing. That the first 
programme of this party is still confused and highly deficient, that it 
has set up the banner of Henry George, these are inevitable evils but 
also only transitory ones.

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