[Marxism] [pen-l] Thoughts triggered by ex-ISOers seeing the light | Louis Proyect: The Unrepentant Marxist

Walter Logeman walter at psybernet.co.nz
Wed Feb 26 17:28:06 MST 2020

> I don't write advice to Australian socialists about what tactic to use
> with respect to the Labour Party. How do people like you and Tony Iltis
> have the gall to advise us about the Democratic Party?

I'm  from Aotearoa New Zealand and certainly want to write (if not advise)
about the Democratic party.  We have US bases in our country.  There is
the principle of internationalism in my ethos. And I have family in the
USA, and a granddaughter.

Its ironic, Time has just put 'our' prime minister on the cover.  They have
the gall, and no wonder, they love this blairite third way advocate who
calls herself a democratic socialist. That gets obscured in the
international press. The left here has been crippled and is wounded, and
who knows the next step.

Again, ironically Louis I might vote for the Greens here.  They too are a
bourgeois party.    One reason it is not so futile to vote Green here
is that we have MMP (not first past the post) so the Greens could be part
of the next government, but I doubt it would do much good.

I don't have advice, but I do have some opinions, and great interest in the
US situation. What I see is a person leading the primaries in a 'party'
that does not want him, and that he is not really a member of. The
party that seems to be most supportive is the DSA.  Bernie is not a member,
and there are cucusses within the DSA that are anti, some are highly

The interesting cluster of opposites here fosters some dialectical
awareness and speculation.  Surely it is within these swerling dynamics
that a truly socialist party can be born.  And not just the electoral
dynamics, perhaps those least of all. The USA and the whole world is in
crisis. The electoral system in the USA is under threat, the rules may
be breaking down.  Could the DNC do to Bernie Sanders in 2020 what they did
in 2016? Would the groundswell tolerate that?

God knows what to advise, if I really knew though I would.

Warm wishes


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