[Marxism] About advice

Anthony Boynton anthony.boynton at gmail.com
Wed Feb 26 21:57:06 MST 2020

Our dear friend and moderator just wrote,

"I  don't write advice to Australian socialists about what tactic to use
with respect to the Labour Party. How do people like you and Tony Iltis
have the gall to advise us about the Democratic Party?"

I have to say, Louis, that this is pure BS. You have opinions and you
express them. If somebody in Australia has one about your home turf, what
the fuck is wrong with listening? An outsider often has a more objective
point of view than an insider.

I am glad that comrades from other countries offer their opinion and advice
on this list. Think about it. You should be too.

In this case, I think the advice was off, but not because the advisor was
outside of the United States.



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