[Marxism] About advice

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Feb 27 06:15:06 MST 2020

On 2/26/20 11:57 PM, Anthony Boynton via Marxism wrote:
> Our dear friend and moderator just wrote,
> "I  don't write advice to Australian socialists about what tactic to use
> with respect to the Labour Party. How do people like you and Tony Iltis
> have the gall to advise us about the Democratic Party?"

It depends on what you mean by advice. I advised Australians on this 
mailing list that they are romanticizing the YPG. On the other hand, I 
would not advise them on whether to vote for the Green Party or for the 
Labour Party in Australia because I simply don't know enough about these 
parties. What I am opposed to is the "Coyoacan Complex" in which you 
find would-be Trotsky's using their authority to influence the tactics 
of the left in a country thousands of miles away. Not that I have much 
authority except to run this mailing list.

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