[Marxism] Syria: Slaughter in Idlib (re: How Much Does the Pentagon Pay for the YPG?)

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Feb 27 17:09:45 MST 2020

On 2/27/20 6:53 PM, Chris Slee via Marxism wrote:
> The relevant paragraph from my article reads:
> "The strongest armed group in Idlib today is Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, a very reactionary group with a history of persecuting religious minorities. Thus the war in Idlib is now a conflict between what academic Gilbert Achcar calls 'two counter-revolutionary poles' ".

You got to get out of the habit of citing authority. Gilbert also voted 
to give the Isaac Deutscher prize to the ultra-toxic Roland Boer. He is 
not always right.

Furthermore, if you had been covering Idlib more thoroughly for the past 
few years, you'd have more credibility. You obviously see it as a cabal 
of Turkish and Islamicist goons, just as you see Rojova as paradise on 

Maybe 7 years ago (I can't be bothered tracking in down), your comrade 
Tony Iltis wrote that the FSA was dominated by bandits and warlords. 
Your problem is that you reflect the bias of the YPG, whose ineffable 
leader once said that if Assad was overthrown, the country would go to 
the dogs.

I don't imagine that any of this would have any impact on you. I am 
writing for the benefit of people who haven't lost their senses.

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