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Andrew Stewart hasc.warrior.stew at gmail.com
Sat Feb 29 10:17:41 MST 2020

I don’t agree with Baraka’s bashing of the independent Black voices who were opposed to Obama from 2004 onwards. He was plain wrong to call the folks at Black Agenda Report anarchists and other slurs. He didn’t even advocate for a realistic lesser evil argument that acknowledged Obama was a neoliberal, he tried claiming that Obama was the harbinger of massive progressive change alongside that whole Carl Davidson tendency. That’s imperfect.



As far as Stalin and the domestic abuses of the Soviet Union, does that negate that Castro and Mao used Stalin’s policy on the National Question as a cornerstone of their international solidarity with the national liberation struggles? Ironically also you want to uphold Breitman and his solidarity with the Black Power movement but conveniently avoid the irony that the Black Panthers found much ideological alignment with the Maoist approach to the national question, ie Stalin’s policies. Whoops!

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You tempt me to engage with the rest of that paragraph on George Breitman, in which you contrast to him what you call “the Marxist-Leninist view,” its main protagonist in your view being none other than... “Joseph Stalin.” Tell that to the dozens of oppressed nations and nationalities in Stalin’s USSR, from the Ukrainians to the Tatars.

But that’s like shooting fish in a barrel, so I won’t bother to go there. Rest content with the "imperfect" Amiri Baraka (how patronizing!) and your own professed perfection.


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