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Anthony Boynton anthony.boynton at gmail.com
Sat Feb 29 14:55:51 MST 2020

Hi Karen: I agree with a lot of Jim Kavanagh’s article, *Bloomberg’s Game*,
in Counterpunch, but not everything.


In general, I don’t think everything is completely cooked. I think the fact
that Biden, Buttigieg, Klobuchar, Bloomberg, Castro, Harris, and Steyer
were all in the race shows that the Democratic Party’s establishment had
not come to any agreement about a candidate prior to the primaries. The
fact that most of these jokers are still in the race reinforces this

This is the mirror-image of the problem the GOP had in 2016 when they ended
up with Trump.

In contrast to Kavanaugh, I think that Bloomberg would love to be
president, and probably thinks he has a shot at it, although his other goal
is to deny Sanders the nomination. However, Warren’s game is exactly as
described by Kavanaugh IMHO.

None of these characters have “objective” world views or functioning
crystal balls. Trump almost certainly thought he was going to lose to
Clinton and was as befuddled by his victory as most of the rest of us.
Bloomberg is as narcissistic as anyone and might easily be thinking that a
lot of the rest of us must love him as much as he loves himself .

However, Bloomberg is also a cunning leader of his own social class who
understands that a lot of us do not love him or his kind, and he does not
want us to escape from the hold of the two-party system’s stability. The
worst nightmare of his social class is the emergence of any sort of mass
socialist movement in the United States. Ipso facto, Bloomberg’s campaign’s
other aim is to prevent Sanders from getting the Democratic Party
nomination as Kavanaugh describes.

The biggest problem I have with Kavanagh’s article lies in his omission of
another possible scenario: a deal with Sanders.

I believe that the leaders of the Democratic Party machinery, people like
Pelosi and Schumer, really do not want Trump to win reelection. In
contrast, the financial backers of the Democrats, including Bloomberg,
Tompkins Buell, Soros, Sussman, Roberts, Steyer and all the rest could
easily survive another four years of Trump and even imagine they could make
even more money if the guy wins again.

Pelosi et al. know that if they steal the nomination from Sanders, even if
they give it to Warren, a substantial number of young voters are very
likely to stay home on election day in November. That means they might not
win the White House or the Senate, and they could easily lose the House.
They need Sanders at the top of the ticket to have a good chance of keeping
the House, let alone winning the Trifecta.

The deal that I could imagine being offered to Sanders is like this. It
happens over lunch with Nancy, Liz, Chuck, Bernie and a few others but
probably not Mike or Joe. The discussion revolves around Bernie accepting
most of Liz’s program as the Democratic Party platform plus negotiations
over the cabinet, future primary challenges, the DNC etc.

Sanders is a practical politician who has worked with Democrats and
Republicans all of his life. Could he make a deal? I think the answer is
that he probably can and maybe will.

I am not predicting anything. Rather I am discussion possibilities. I think
Warren could be the candidate, I also think Sanders could be the candidate.
I even think Hillary Clinton could be the candidate. We will have a clearer
picture next week but probably not the answer.

There is an “exogenous factor”, or rather two related exogenous factors,
worth considering: corona virus and the economy. IMHO the economy has been
at the brink of a major new downturn for a while. Trump’s policies have
desperately tried to fuel more growth until after November and might have
succeeded if it hadn’t been for the pandemic that has just struck.

I say that it has already struck. The three cases here in California of
confirmed diagnoses in people who have not traveled or been in contact with
any known carriers of the disease is strong evidence that there are
multiple carriers of the disease here in California and in Oregon. And if
this is true here, it is probably true in many other places. The incubation
period of the virus is thought to be two weeks.

The airlines are already in deep financial waters because of the Boeing 737
Max and the massive flight cancellations to date have hit them hard again.
US-China commerce has screeched to a crawl, and will slow down much further
once seagoing trade is affected by quarantines.

US stock markets have lost about 12% of their “value” in just over a week.
How far will they fall until they hit bottom?

If this plays out as it appears to be, what kind of a candidate will the
Democrats need to win? How about a new FDR?

I am sure Nancy Pelosi is thinking about this as she prepares for her daily
meditation in her digs up in Pacific Heights (I think she is still home in
the Bay Area over the weekend).

Best, Ted

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