[Marxism] The 22 Convention: Make Women Great Again™

MM marxmail00 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 1 18:27:59 MST 2020

Not The Onion:

"Women today are being taught to act more like men. Where has that led us? Skyrocketing rates of divorce, depression, dysfunction, and America at the #1 spot in the world for single motherhood. No longer will you have to give in to toxic bullying feminist dogma and go against your ancient, biological nature as a woman.


"Hiding under a mask of fake progress, feminism today has become a radical assault on all forms of positive femininity - you know, the one hard coded into your DNA. Through an onslaught of anti-feminine propaganda spanning generations, women today have been pushed to act like men and DENY their own feminine nature. This has left millions of women feeling unhappy, confused, frustrated, and hopeless.  At The 22 Convention, you will learn the truth that unhealthy militant feminists have been hiding from you your entire life."


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