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William Quimby quimbywm at gmail.com
Mon Jan 6 12:09:17 MST 2020

Seems like we have an entire genre of commentary about the dilemmas of 
rural America! Enough to
fill a few books, or a syllabus or two. (Which makes we ask - is this a 
taboo subject for academia?
I do not recall seeing many sociological/psychological/economic studies 
in the last decade? Or do
I need to be reminded?)

Highly recommend also this recent Counterpunch article.


- Bill

On 01/06/20 09:48 AM, Louis Proyect via Marxism wrote:
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> This is the Missouri Bootheel. The counties around here are called 
> that because if you squint at a map, it kind of looks like the heel of 
> a boot, jutting south from the rest of the state into Arkansas and 
> Tennessee. The name comes from its shape, but it’s something of a 
> metaphor, too. It can sometimes seem like life is trying to grind 
> people down.
> It’s a place, one of many in America, where disadvantages pile up. 
> Researchers are uncovering links between education — or lack of it — 
> and health, and they don’t like what they see. It’s not clear whether 
> a college degree leads directly to better health, or, if so, how. But 
> the findings are alarming: Educational disparities and economic 
> malaise and lack of opportunity are making people like those in the 
> Bootheel sick. And maybe even killing them.
> full: https://secure-web.cisco.com/1TgMukW8Ur2M15w4zKCtohzS-3UJtTd7vVeZHM4wE90tHKNiDpEKdbGlhn5Dya7nlBW73zFe633jxwkcH6SNvkhPwIROmSNE6N4evFjztPFmOSixZdazntDSp0A2esTuMTcZztsiU3Htvwq835dIYm-hlPUvZl3EyS9dV9jvkR5sLuN_GInz163CmmIoACK_dFuzWE3zzBzuTlPyCV_isJ5gjIGGrv7owbSv-1EBb7xTddTKlt1xxwwp0qfke7UyukgF8DHePzNe3ryLUYcAr4MN9wZ8EntJnTngDGjIlZvqHJs7eM8ehmCvazkQ0CpnU8L7DTmo9qsv5FS4a80mJOEnF0K3VHW2etllUQQO6MgOtIwLih28Uzc6KPTQHC1y50SgA7oJUoNK-DeqX9qoOLg/https%3A%2F%2Fwww.chronicle.com%2Finteractives%2Fpublic-health
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