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Yes, loads of work. Here is just a glance at some of the entries from my
google scholar library:

*Taking Out the Trash: Using Critical Autoethnography to Challenge
Representations of White Working-Class People in Popular Culture

TR *Rennels* - The Popular Culture Studies Journal, 2015 - researchgate.net

We live in the Taj Mahal of the trailer park. Mom feeds this lie to her new
friend, Laura, who
is visiting our home for the first time. I cringe and run to my room, my
sanctuary from
embarrassment and the strains of adolescence. Seventeen has not been easy.
As I slide the …

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[PDF] usf.edu

*“You Better Redneckognize”: White Working-Class People and Reality
Television <https://scholarcommons.usf.edu/etd/5766/>*

TR *Rennels* - 2015 - scholarcommons.usf.edu

This project documents the complex and interwoven relationship between
representations and lived experiences of white working-class people—a task
inspired by the
author's experiences growing up in a white working-class family and
neighborhood and how …

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2 versions

*Illegitimate subjects?: abject whites, neoliberal modernisation, and
middle-class multiculturalism

C Haylett - Environment and planning D: society and space, 2001 -

… The specifically middle-*class*-based *whiteness* of the discourse, and
the *working*-*class*-based
*whiteness* of those cultures and subjectivities that are its target,
provide a starting point for
the analysis of welfare `modernisation' as a culturalist discourse …

*[HTML] Whiteness in the Backwoods: Critical Media Literacy, Reality TV and
Hick-Hop Music

WM Reynolds, B Porfilio, D Ligocki - 2018 - digitalcommons.georgiasouthern …

… done on *whiteness* over the last decades (Kincheloe & Steinberg, 2000;
Sleeter, 2016 & Matias,
2016). During the 2016 presidential election, white *rural* identity became
one of the cornerstones
of Donald Trump's campaign. Although the embrace of white *working* *class*
was for …

*Who's afraid of rural poverty? The story behind America's invisible poor

L Gurley - American Journal of Economics and Sociology, 2016 - Wiley Online

… Pruitt grew up in *working*‐*class* *rural* Newton County in the Ozarks
of northwest Arkansas.
Pruitt (2015) says that one important misconception about *rural* poverty
is that it is an exclusively
white problem … We tend to associate *rural* poverty with *whiteness* …

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*[BOOK] Neoliberal Transformations of" White Masculinity" in Cinematic

JA *Masko* - 2017 - search.proquest.com

This dissertation looks at three US film cycles from the last 40 years--the
Cowboy Trucker in
the 1970s, the Brom-com from 1990s-2010, and Alaska-based reality
television shows from
the late 2000s and into the present cable reality television era--to
connect them to neoliberal …

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*[BOOK] White folks: Race and identity in rural America

TJ Lensmire - 2017 - content.taylorfrancis.com

… Impose whatever images or storylines onto this small town and its people
that you must. *Rural*,
isolated—yes … Love and theft: Blackface minstrelsy and the American
*working* *class* … Contradictions
of power and identity: *Whiteness* studies and the call of teacher
education …

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[PDF] transreads.org

*White folks: race and identity in rural America

A Durham - 2019 - Taylor & Francis

… to the field of race and ethnicity is unmasking the interiority of
*whiteness* – as a … Disneyfied stories
of *rural* America cannot white out the dark history that continues to …
pundits profess audiences
still need to know to understand why white *working*-*class* Midwesterners
harbour rage …

*Reckoning with the “Redneck”: Duck Dynasty and the Boundaries of Morally
Appropriate Whiteness

HW Holladay
<https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=4PE-OYMAAAAJ&hl=en&oi=sra> -
Southern Communication Journal, 2018 - Taylor & Francis

… Tour fans know that their social origins, their lifestyle, their
attitudes and their tastes are not
accepted by the higher social and cultural *classes*… they also know that
they can likely never
acquire the … (p. 277) Indeed, this representation of *rural*, *working*-
*class* *whiteness* points to …

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One thing to note is that the idea of the white working class is being
replaced the idea of working-class white folks fro reasons somewhat along
the line of Benedict Anderson's imagined communities. See the Lisa Tilly
article in the link:



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