[Marxism] Announcing: new edition of Marxist Left Review

Omar Hassan sherrife at gmail.com
Sat Jan 11 15:15:06 MST 2020

Issue 19 of the Marxist Left Review is going to the printers today! It has
three major themes: the return of revolutionary protests to the world
stage; responding to the climate crisis; and debates on the left regarding
reformism and electoral strategies for change.

The full list of articles is:

- Resisting barbarism: Contours of a global rebellion by Omar Hassan
- Is the world economy on the verge of a new recession? by Tom Bramble
- From revolutionary possibility to fascist defeat: The French - Popular
Front of 1936-38 by Sandra Bloodworth
- We’ve been down this road before: Jesse Jackson, the Democrats and the
left by Nick Everett
- New movement, new debates: The contested politics of climate change by
Sarah Garnham
- Fuelled by coal: Piercing the mirage of a sustainable capitalist
Australia by Catarina Da Silva
- Interview: Gilbert Achcar on the undying revolutions in the Middle East
and North Africa
- Interview: Isabelle Garo on Marx’s strategic thought and the spirit of
- Review: Workers’ anti-war resistance in Japan by Shomi Yoon
- Review: The politics of the Indonesian union movement by Ben Reid

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