[Marxism] Fascism in full bloom

Marla Vijaya kumar marlavk at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 11 19:07:25 MST 2020

As the NYT report says, Modi and his Fascist goons believe that they can suppress dissent by violence.
Democracy in India is on sound footing and the millions who are coming out into the streets across the length and breadth of the 
country is ample evidence that fascism will no have an easy going. Common citizens till now remained nonchalant as the Hindu 
Nationalist BJP acquired power by employing devious means. Many people voted for BJP attracted by the nationalist rhetoric of Modi 
and his vitriol against Pakistan.but now, with the introduction of Citizenship Amendment Act, people are realizing that Muslims will 
be targeted much like the Jews in Hitler's Germany. And the irony is that when this law, in its previous avatar was implemented in 
Assam, the state bordering Bangladesh, on the plea that a large number of Muslims had infiltrated in to the country, more Hindus lost 
their citizenship than Muslims. And there was an outcry from the supporters of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) itself.
And now, Amit Shah, the right-hand man of Modi and the Interior Minister is advocating that the citizenship verification would be 
taken up in all over the country, even in those states which saw no infiltration from outside the borders, and that Non-Muslims need 
not worry, he was reinforcing the fear of many that the Law will discriminate against 180 million Muslims and will ultimately deprive 
them of Indian citizenship. Increasing provocative statements from Law makers and leaders of BJP, claiming that the whole bunch of 
Muslims will be dumped in to Pakistan had made the mood of the people turn sour. People in hundreds of thousands are holding rallies
and day and night vigils in biting  2 Deg,C cold in Delhi and other Northern towns. And what is worrying Modi and his government is 
that there are more Hindus rallying against his Government, decrying discrimination on the basis of religion. It shows that democratic
culture is deep-rooted in India, which is historically home to many religions. Rare display of solidarity is witnessed in different parts 
of the country. Fearing that Hindu Nationalist RSS goons might attack, Hindus and Sikhs stood guard while Muslims were offering 
their Friday prayers in Delhi. And in the state of Kerala, a church has invited Muslim brothers to offer their prayers in its premises.
When a TV Channel reporter said that only Muslims are protesting, an angry young man, took off his shirt and displayed his sacred 
thread which Hindu Brahmins wear.
Vijaya Kumar M

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