[Marxism] Is India a New Emerging Great Power?

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Is India a New Emerging Great Power?

Essay by Michael Pröbsting

Published in: Critique, Journal of Socialist Theory, Volume 48, 2020 - 
Issue 1


Below is a part of the Abstract:

"A key issue discussed by observers in world politics is the question if 
India is becoming a new Great Power. Already six years ago, the British 
magazine ‘The Economist' asked ‘Can India become a great power?' 
(30.06.2013). Stratfor- an influential right-wing US geopolitical 
intelligence company—published an essay last year which deals with the 
same question (‘India Struggles With Its Strategy for Becoming a Great 
Power', 23.03.2018). And China's Global Times—the international edition 
of regime's central organ People's Daily—also discusses ‘India's great 
power status' (Liu Zongyi: China-India bid can forge united Asia, Global 
Times, 08.10.2019). There exists even an entry on Wikipedia called 
‘India as an emerging superpower'. This question is currently 
particularly relevant since India has become an important factor in 
world politics in the recent past—as the catastrophic developments in 
Kashmir, the tensions at the border with Pakistan and the developments 
around the US-initiated ‘Indo-Pacific alliance' as well as the China-led 
RCEP free trade agreement demonstrate."

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