[Marxism] Roger Casement to his British prosecutors: “Our choice lay in submitting to foreign lawlessness or resisting it, and we did not hesitate to choose”

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Thu Jan 23 18:33:41 MST 2020

*In his 1914 book *The Crime Against Ireland and How the War May Right it*,
Sir Roger Casement wrote, “Sedition (is) the natural garment for an
Irishman to wear”.  Casement wore it well.  A participant in the
preparations for the 1916 Easter Rising, Casement arrived in at Banna
Strand in Co. Kerry (northwest of Tralee) on board a ship from Germany with
a large consignment of weaponry for the rebels.  However the rendezvous did
not take place and Casement was captured on April 21, 1916.  He was
subsequently held in Pentonville Prison in London and hung for treason on
August 3.  **At his trial, he made a speech from the dock; he had written
the body of it while in prison.  Below is the text.  I have broken up some
paragraphs which were huge in the original.*

*This text is longer than that often found on the internet. I have taken it
from *The Great Prisoners: the first anthology of literature written in
prison*, selected and edited by Isidore Abramavotich, New York: E.P. Dutton
& Company, 1946.  Abramovitch lists the range of his Casement sources on

I have added subheads to break up the text. . .


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