[Marxism] An Open Letter to the Green Party About 2020 Election Strategy

Tristan Sloughter t at crashfast.com
Sat Jan 25 10:04:17 MST 2020

Same arguments every four years. I wish either side could convince me their strategy was the best because then I'd at least feel like I knew there was a path forward.

I've voted Green every presidential election since I've been old enough to vote... though that is only 4. Each one I've lived in a different state (South Carolina, Illinois, California and now Colorado), and each time they don't matter.

Trump did not win California, so what is there to regret about my vote there?

I'll be voting for Sanders in the primary, (I'm now in Colorado), but I've been donating to Howie Hawkins and will vote for him in the general, whether Sanders gets the nomination or not.

If I ever live in a swing state I'd likely vote Democrat. The people hurt by Trump and the people emboldened by Trump is by far enough reason to do so. 

It was before my time (I mean, I was alive, just not voting) but the attempt in the 90's for a new party that fell apart partly because of the "don't run in swing states" issue makes me also realize building a new party that isn't trying to win will not work.

It has always felt there is way more to do outside of presidential election voting that is more important for building a working class movement, and that voting Green in a swing state does nothing to help with this goal (at this time, or any other time I've been voting).

Yet so much energy is spent on it.


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