[Marxism] Harlan Pride | Caitlin Myers

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Jan 31 05:55:18 MST 2020

L., a veteran of direct-action campaigns and a proudly out nonbinary 
person with roots in the Eastern Kentucky punk scene, grew up across 
Pine Mountain and went to high school with some of the miners. They had 
been away from the area for a year. As L. saw the blockade forming, they 
knew that they had the expertise, connections, and organizing skills to 
help make the camp last. They quit their food service job and drove 
their truck down to the railroad tracks. With some help from friends 
(and Venmo and CashApp), they set about purchasing supplies at a local 
Walmart. Tarps, tents, and coolers all went into trucks, as well as bags 
of dry goods and nonperishables, a camping stove, and a lot of plastic 
tubs. By the end of the week, L. and their comrades—self-identified 
anarchists, certainly leftists and all queer and trans—had set up a 
fully stocked camp kitchen at the tracks, complete with items for 
breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


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