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(Tax)Compliance Agent III will underfill as (Tax) Compliance Agent II
Step Range: Level II 37 - 42 Entry: $12.37. Tax Commission, Taxpayer
Services Division. May be located in Ogden, Provo or Salt Lake. (Tax)
Compliance Agent II/III is a career ladder series. Entry is at Level II
and through successful completion of a specific program of training and
testing, promotion to Level III may be achieved. This title includes a
variety of positions with similar duties and requirements, but working
in different sections of the Taxpayer Services Division. Successful
candidates will be assigned as needed to best utilize the resources of
the Division in accomplishing its mission and goals. DUTIES of the
position include: Researches account histories; determine previous
payment and compliance history, and all other pertinent account
information. Communicates with taxpayer to explain filing and payment
obligations and demand payment; advise taxpayers of their legal rights
and responsibilities; secure a true tax return and financial statements;
verifies assets, income, expenditures, and other information affecting
collection potential; analyzes financial statement, profit and loss
statement and taxpayer financial records to secure compliance; makes
recommendations to taxpayer relative to business practices to assist the
taxpayer in meeting financial obligation and preventing future
delinquency problems; negotiates reasonable payment agreements based on
financial information and individual circumstances. Monitors payment
agreements to ensure that terms are met and accounts are closed in a
timely manner. Determines appropriate legal action (seizure,
garnishment, license revocation) on accounts which are not successfully
resolved through payment agreements. Makes assessments and places
judgments against responsible parties in regular or post petition debt..
This position may be assigned to the Salt Lake, Ogden or Provo office,
or to the Bankruptcy unit to perform agent duties, including attending
hearings, bankruptcy meetings and interaction with attorneys, US Trustee
as well as the Attorney General's office. Performs other related duties
as assigned. REQUIRES: Knowledge of collections statutes, practices and
techniques; standard business operating procedures, accounting
principles and practices; bankruptcy processes; USTC policy and
practice. Ability to verify, analyze and make recommendations based on
standard financial statements; negotiate and gain voluntary compliance
with taxpayers; understand and explain tax code; determine collection
potential of accounts; use sound judgement in dealing with taxpayers
under adverse conditions. Preference for interview selection may be
given to candidates having two years collection and/or bankruptcy
experience or equivalent. TO APPLY: If you do not have a current resume
and Cover Sheet in the Utah Skill Match database, please submit both to
the Dept. of Human Resource Management, State Office Building, Suite
2120, P O Box 141531, Salt Lake City, UT 84114-1531 or e-mail as
attachments to utahskill at Copies of the Utah Skill Match Cover
Sheet can be downloaded at If you wish to be considered
for this position, please notify Jan Hebert by e-mail (jhebert at
or phone (297-3810) of your interest no later than 5:00 pm of the
closing date. Your request for consideration ensures that your resume
will be reviewed and considered. It does not guarantee an interview.
Only those selected for interviews will be contacted. Closing Date:
Friday, April 11, 2003.

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