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Fri Apr 11 14:09:55 MDT 2003

                     NO MORE HOMELESS PETS IN UTAH

               Organization: Pet Samaritan  (801)277-9263
                          3802 S Sunnydale Dr.
                       Salt Lake City, Utah 84109

1. Job Description (Duties) 10 hours/wk or 40 hours/mo.
Marketing/Fundraiser: You will be specifically dedicated to do
promotions and advertising for the placement of Pet Samaritan Animals.
You must be skilled in Internet functioning and have e-mail
accessibility. We need someone to create posters with pictures of PSF
pets needing placement, and find public outlets to post them. At
locations where our posters are accepted, donation jars might also be
acceptable (this will help with our fundraising projects).  Other duties
would involve creating and formatting a quarterly Newsletter. In
addition, we will need to have a person who would like to organize some
Public Service Information releases, i.e. an occasional Radio and/or TV
spot. Increasing adoptions would mean recruiting more volunteers
(individuals or families) that would foster an animal in need of
temporary sanctuary until placed.

Additional Info:
This position is being funded through grant money from the NMHP org. A
statewide program whose goal is to end euthanasia of healthy animals in
the state of Utah. (Go into for more info)  The grant
money is funneled through them, so this position depends on the funding
being renewed quarterly.

This particular grant PSF applied for, has a target or goal

Samaritan has promised a 10% increase per month in pet adoptions (over
last years stats). The main objective will be helping us reach this
target (to be evaluated on a month by month basis). Getting us with
media services- TV/Radio, whenever possible, will help us. Other duties
could involve helping create a newsletter (you would need to procure a
sponsor for the newsletter to cover printing costs), planning strategies
or coming up with ideas for fundraising projects. We need someone to
design and create posters of our homeless pets and find outlets to place

You need to be mobile
part of the job could involve a lot of running
around the city; you need reliable means of transportation. PSF would
not provide computer equipment or phone; these will be your
responsibility. We would also like you to participate at adoption
events. The commitment to the cause is important.

Hours put in per month should average around 40. Dailey log required.

PSF wants to keep in constant contact to be updated on how plans are
being implemented.  Pet Samaritan volunteers operate 7 days a week,
sometimes 24 hours a day.

2. Predicted increases:
When a prospective adopter calls Pet Samaritan, they get a live person
(90% of the time). We will continue maintaining this service.

We feel we could eventually increase adoptions every week with the aid
of a reliable Marketing/Fundraising person, who would take pride in his
or her work and be motivated in working with PSF to help the (No More
Homeless Pets) NMHP program succeed in reaching its goals.

Position to be filled immediately.  Interested students should contact
Dana Christensen: daytime 468-2446 or after 5:00 pm and weekends:
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