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Environmental Practices Specialist- (Step range 41-56), $13.79-$20.72
hourly, Division of Plant Industry, Salt Lake City Office. Full-time,
merit position with benefits. Assists in developing programs and
projects designed to promote environmentally responsible agricultural
and land use practices; researches and presents technical data relative
to environmental assessment of agricultural practices on soils,
watersheds, ground water, surface water, and ecological systems;
participates in multi-agency task forces representing department's
interests and resources in those programs or projects that include
multiple interests or funding sources and require multi-agency
coordination; provide technical expertise and geological knowledge of
resources to the agricultural community, land users, and to agency staff
in matter of program content or areas of environmental science; acts as
lead worker and coordinator on selected programs or projects;
documentation, reports, and administrative accountability; assists in
developing educational and promotional materials; provides data for
Geographic Information System (GIS) for programs. Disseminates
EPA-developed educational materials to agricultural chemical dealers,
county extension agents, and others. Assists in the identification and
confirmation of pesticides harmful to endangered species habitats and
assists in investigating alternates or restriction to achieve species
protection. Other duties as assigned. KNOWLEDGE/SKILLS: Laws, rules, and
regulations of environmental and agricultural science; principles,
theories and practices of safety and risk management. Research, data
collection and field sampling. Ability to communicate information and
ideas clearly, and concisely, in writing; read and understand
information presented in writing. Compose and produce reports, using a
computer and word processing software. REQUIREMENTS: BS Degree, or
higher, in related field of study. Valid Utah driver license, bending
stooping, and lifting up to 50 pounds. TO APPLY: Submit a current resume
and Utah Skill Match Cover Sheet to the Department of Human Resource
Management, State Office Building, Suite 2120, PO Box 141531, SLC, UT
84114-1531. Copies of the Utah Skill Match Cover Sheet can be down
loaded at To express interest contact UDAF Human
Resources at (801) 538-7118. Opening date: 04/14/2003, Closing date:



Board of Pardons and Parole, Full Time Member, $64,604 to $87,484
annually. Board of Pardons and Parole, Salt Lake City. This position is
career service exempt and will be appointed by the Governor. The
position is a five year term and will expire on March 1, 2008. This is
one of five board positions. DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES: Conduct and
preside over hearings for the granting, rescission, revocation,
amendment or termination of parole, the termination of sentence, the
ordering of restitution or the remission of fines of forfeitures;
research, prepare and review case materials for parole related hearings;
hear and decide cases where executive clemency is to be considered; hear
and decide on applications for pardons. Strong interpersonal skills
needed in executive session to reach a majority vote for decisions made
by the board. JOB REQUIREMENTS: knowledge of criminal justice system,
knowledge of state and federal criminal law, knowledge of corrections
policies and procedures, knowledge of behavioral sciences,
decision-making skills, interpersonal skills, and communication skills.
PREFERENCE may be given for bachelor's degree in criminal justice
administration, behavioral sciences or closely related fields plus five
years criminal justice administration, law or related fields, OR,
graduate study in public or criminal justice administration, law or
behavioral sciences for up to three years of required employment on a
year-for-year basis. TO APPLY: Please submit a resume by 5:00 p.m. on
5/5/03 to Jenny Hanson at the Department of Human Resource Management,
jenniferhanson at; fax: 801-538-3081; 2120 State Office
Building, Salt Lake City, UT 84114; or phone Jenny at 801-538-3825.
Opening date: 4/21/03 Closing date: 5/5/03.

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