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Field Examiner

We are currently recruiting recent graduates with a master's degree in
industrial relations or a related field for the position of Field 
Examiners in the Phoenix, Arizona Regional Office, and in the Las Vegas, 
Nevada Resident Office.  Applicants for the Field Examiner( Intern) 
position must be 1.) U.S. Citizens; 2) have completed their Masters; 
3)have complete fluency in Spanish (written, spoken and ability to 
read); 4) have a 3.5 GPA or higher. 

The field examiner career intern will receive a two-year non-competitive 
appointment as a GS-9 Field Examiner ($38,936 annual). If they 
successfully complete the program a decision is then made on whether to 
convert to permanent status. Promotions occur after one year to a GS-11

($47,110), to GS-12 ($56,463) after the second year, and to GS-13 
($67,143)  after three years.  The top salary level for a GS-13 is 

The Labor-Management Relations Examiners (Field Examiners) carry out the
bulk of the investigative and election work of the Agency.  They must
gather and analyze facts pertinent to their assigned cases.  To accomplish
this, they must meet and talk with employees and their supervisors, shop
stewards, business agents, and other labor union officials, personnel
officers, directors of industrial relations, and other officers of 
business and industrial enterprises; and attorneys representing both 
labor and management.

Field Examiners recommend appropriate action on each case, including 
possible remedies.  When appropriate, they work with the parties 
concerned to obtain voluntary agreements or adjustments.  They also 
recommend further action when that becomes necessary and dismissal of 
cases found to

be without merit.
Field Examiners arrange and conduct elections among groups of employees 
(ranging in size from two to several thousand) to determine whether or

not they wish to be represented by a labor organization. They are called
upon to serve as Hearing Officers in disputed representation cases, taking
testimony and applying the rules of evidence regarding its admission.
Field Examiners must do all of these things while inspiring confidence in
the soundness of their judgment and respect for their impartiality.  

For additional information, applicants can  access the NLRB web site at <>.

Applicants for the position can contact me by telephone at (602)640-2086
and/or send their resume to me via email at nancy.martinez at We 
will be accepting applications through August 6, 2003.

Nancy Martinez
Supervisory Examiner
National Labor Relations Board

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