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Sandi Parkes sandi.parkes at
Wed Jul 30 13:33:17 MDT 2003

Atlantic Fellowships in Public Policy provide a unique opportunity for
>outstanding American mid-career professionals to study and gain practical
>experience in a wide variety of public policy areas in the United Kingdom,
>as well as a firsthand introduction to the European Union.
>71 Fellowships have been awarded since 1994 to professionals from public,
>business and philanthropic sectors. The recipients have enabled the
>Fellowship to quickly establish a reputation for excellence. Their work has
>made an enormous contribution to the development of the transatlantic
>relationship, as well as to their own communities.
>        Atlantic Fellowships
>        The British Council
>        Cultural Department
>        The British Embassy
>        3100 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
>        Washington DC, 20008-3600
>        Telephone: (202) 588-7844   Fax: (202) 588-7918
>        Website:
>        Email: <mailto:Atlantic.Fellow at>

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