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POSITION:  Secondary Principal at Uintah River Charter High School for
the 2003-2004 school year.

Please provide the following:

1.      Evidence of a college master�s degree from an accredited
institution with evidence of qualification in chosen area of
2.      Copy of Utah Certificate and Administrative/Supervisory program;

3.      Evidence of ability to work effectively with children, parents,
staff and community, by means of a minimum of three letters of
recommendation, at least one of
which must be from a direct supervisor;
4.      Evidence of a high standard of academic performance through
provision of undergraduate and graduate transcripts;
5.      Evidence of minimum of five years� successful experience
as a classroom teacher;
6.      Experience as an administrator preferred;

Salary:                 Negotiable
Deadline for Applying:          July 11, 2003
Beginning Date:         2003-2004 school year

Please send completed packet to:
Ute Tribe Personnel Office
P.O. Box 190
Fort Duchesne, UT 84026
Phone 435-722-5141

Cameron Cuch
Education Director
Ute Indian Tribe of Utah

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