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Tue May 27 09:46:25 MDT 2003

I have a great summer internship opportunity that could be a fit for a
solid performing student from your program.  But the clock is ticking
and we need to move fast!

I direct a summer program known as the Oregon Performance Internship
( that is aimed at attracting top students from
the top schools of
public policy and public administration to spend a summer working on
performance measurement and management issues for state and local
agencies here in Oregon.  It
pays a stipend of $5,000 and includes a workshop on performance
management by Robert Behn of the Kennedy School.


The opportunity is with the Portland Development Commission
(, a nationally recognized agency in a city acclaimed for
innovation and livability.  The
agency's mission is to bring together resources to achieve Portland's
vision of a diverse, sustainable community with healthy neighborhoods, a
vibrant urban core, a
strong regional economy and quality jobs for all citizens.

The proposed intern work program is an effort to help the agency refine
its project evaluation process.  PDC uses this evaluation process to
help determine and quantify
what projects are funded during development of its budget (PDC's current
budget is projected at approx. $220 million next year).  Since our urban
renewal areas have
many more requests for projects than available resources, it is
imperative that we have a defined, defensible evaluation process.  What
makes is a bit tricky at PDC is that
we have three departments competing for limited funds in each of our ten
urban renewal areas.  The departments (Housing, Development, and
Economic Development)
do work together, but ultimately have distinct focuses and different
metrics for project outcomes.  For the fiscal year 2003-04 budget
process, we established weighted
criteria to help prioritize project requests, which we would like to
update, refine, and be more quantifiable.  Examples of the current
project evaluation criteria includes
generates taxable assessed value/program income; is leveraged with other
public or private funds; specified in an urban renewal plan; develops
PDC owned property, and
produces quality jobs/housing units.

The work product would be a narrative and spreadsheet model which can be
used for the FY 04-05 budget process.  The goal is to better measure
costs versus benefits
of a project, both long and short term, and ultimately rank projects are
applied to the model.  Metrics could involve such issues as opportunity
cost, life cycle costing,
internal rate of return, and other commonly used measures in developing
project rankings.  The model will also need to address the more
intangible and qualitative effects
of PDC projects such as the catalytic benefit of spurring additional
development or the contribution to quality of life through open space
and transportation
improvements, design excellence, sustainability, other livability

The intern would need to become familiar with PDC and our strategic plan
(both at the organizational and department levels), understand the
current model, and work to
update and refine.  The intern must be able to write and present the
model to staff.


If you know of a masters or doctoral candidate in public policy or
public administration who has the aptitude for this project and the
appetite for working in a
fast-moving, dynamic agency, I'd like to hear from them directly.  They
can send a bio or resume to me via email - along with current contact


I plan to screen prospects and recommend finalists to the PDC by close
of business, May 28.  So if you have a prospect, I need to hear from
them by next Tuesday.


Please no calls to agency!  Direct any questions to me via email or the
phone number below.

Yours truly,

George K Beard

Director, Electronic Government Program

Mark O Hatfield School of Government

Portland State University

PO Box 751

Portland, Oregon 97207


e:   gbeard at

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