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American West Center
    Job Opportunity

Job Description:    Transcribing oral histories.  The American West
Center and other individuals at the University have conducted hundreds
of oral history interviews.  Many of them are with World War II
veterans,  American Indians, and notable Utahns.  The job requires the
employee to listen to a taped interview and, using a transcribing
device, make a typed transcript of the recording.  This job will be
particularly attractive to students with an interest in American history
and Utah history.

Work Hours:          Up to nineteen hours a week.  The work schedule is
extremely flexible, and can be designed to coordinate with student's
classes.  Two positions are available.  Pay: $9/hour.

Required Skills:      A working knowledge of word processing with a
minimum of 60 wpm typing, and good spelling and punctuation skills.  It
will also be helpful to have some knowledge of American history.

Contact:        Judy Hurst, American West Center, at the Annex Bldg.,
Room l023, 585-9722 from 8:00 a.m. to Noon, or at 467-3607 after 1:00
p.m.   We will be accepting resumes until the positions are filled.

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