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The Gay and Lesbian Community Center is looking for two part-time temporary
positions and a volunteer task force:

Peer Health Educator 
$8.00 per hour/10 hours per week
Support the Adult and Youth Program Directors to achieve objectives of
Countering Pro-Tobacco Influences in the LGBT community through education,
research, and outreach.  Duties will include development of marketing
materials, informational packets preparation, and promotion & development of
events.  The peer health educator will conduct presentations and workshops
for youth, help develop curriculum, participate in trainings, and organize
direct the task force.

The Center is looking for someone 18-24 years old, has some experience or
skills in marketing and graphic design, has effective verbal and written
communication skills, and the ability to lead amongst their peers/youth.

Web Designer
Wage based on experience. 
Design and update cutting edge tobacco website that includes policy advocacy
messages focusing on tobacco companies marketing to the LGBTQ community.

The Center is looking for someone who has experience in web design and is
familiar with youth culture.

Send resumes to Jennifer mailto:jnuttall at or "bob" mailto:mmaureen at
Fax: 801-521-5215
Mail to:  GLCCU 355 N. 300 W. 1st Fl. SLC UT 84103.

Tobacco Task Force - This is a volunteer committee!!!
Research tobacco usage patterns within the LGBTQ community and assess public
opinion towards tobacco policies.  
Identify tobacco company tactics and marketing tools that target the LGBTQ
Review existing resources to determine cultural sensitivity.
Develop marketing materials, prepare information packets, promote and
support events.

The Center encourages all LGBTQ youth and young adults (ages 14 and up) to
participate in this action oriented task force.  

Current smokers, non-smokers, those who are quitting or desire to quit are
encouraged to participate in order to present a balanced and fair

If you are interested contact "bob" mailto:mmaureen at, 539-8800 x14 or
Jennifer mailto:jnuttall at, 539-8800 x13.

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