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Juli Genovesi juli.genovesi at
Thu Sep 25 12:48:15 MDT 2003

Basic Copper Cap applications are now being accepted.  The announcement
period opens 24 September 2003 and closes on 3 October 2003.  The
announcements may be found at  Conduct a search
using the key words “copper cap.”  Announcement CQ04A is the
announcement for GS-7 target 11 positions and announcement CQ04B is the
announcement for GS-7 target 12 positions.  If you wish to be considered
for both, you must submit two application packages.

If you have any questions, please contact the Copper Cap Office at (210)
565-0033 or DSN 665-0033.  The toll free number is 1-800-847-0108, Ext

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