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Thu Apr 15 11:02:10 MDT 2004

Salt Lake County to partner with state Universities,
and Colleges, School Districts, and local Associations to review existing County programs while giving students practical experience.  

The Salt Lake County Office of the Mayor and local Education and Academic communities are initiating a new partnership.  The Office of the Mayor will join with local Universities and Colleges to utilize educators and graduate student interns to assist in the review of cash handling procedures and provide an external perspective of approximately 150 County organizations this year.  These organizations are those that fall under the Mayor's portfolio. The Program is intended to parallel and augment current review and evaluation processes in Salt Lake County and provide a forum for case studies and experiences in business evaluations for the Universities and Colleges as well as provide a valuable service to the County and its citizens.

Graduate level and undergraduate student participants will receive orientation training from the Salt Lake County Office of the Mayor in accounting, budgeting, internal control evaluations, and applicable policies and procedure compliance reviews.  They will then take their experience and understanding of County fiscal policies and procedures into the field and review the cash handling procedures and programs of the various County organizations.  The students will work with "peer teams" of fiscal employees of the various organizations.  This cross utilization of existing personnel coupled with the students should provide for an accelerated review of practices and policy implementation as well as assist the students in having "hands on experience" that will assist them in their education.

The strategy for implementing this effort is divided into two parts.  A Training Function will focus on preparing participants for the reviews.  Thereafter, assignments will be delegated through the Review Function.  Both parts will be managed and monitored through the Office of the Mayor of Salt Lake County and in coordination and cooperation with the respective institution involved. 

If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact Sandi Parkes at sandi.parkes at or 585.7985. 

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