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Jackie Grant jackie.grant at
Mon Dec 13 14:50:37 MST 2004

Job Title:   Performance Auditor

Location:   Salt Lake City, Utah

Compensation:  $36,100 starting salary

Position Summary:  Entry level position providing basic on-the-job
training for efficiency/effectiveness evaluation, policy compliance, and
organizational performance auditing.

Required Skills:   Must possess and maintain a high level of appropriate
technical auditing skills including:
    The general use of quantitative and statistical analysis, computer
spreadsheets, inventory models, financial controls,     and other
modeling techniques.

Must possess and maintain a high level of communication skills
     Sufficient writing skills necessary to effectively communicate
organized thoughts and ideas.
     Interpersonal communication skills necessary to maintain a
cooperative working relationship both internally and externally to the

Qualifications:  Master’s degree in business, public administration,
public policy, human resource management, statistics, finance,
economics, or other related field.

Interested candidates may send their resume to Tim Osterstock, Audit
Utah Legislative Auditor General, W315 State Capitol Complex, SLC UT
phone (801) 326-1726, fax (801) 538-1063, email tosterstock at

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