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U.S. Department of the Interior 
Financial Mangement Career Intern Program 2004
The Financial Management Career Intern Program (FMCIP), which is managed by the Office of Financial Management and the Department of the Interior University (DOIU), is a two-year program designed to recruit, develop, and retain a group of diverse future leaders for the Department's financial community. Throughout the duration of the program, interns are paid and supervised by the Departmental bureaus <> that hire them. 
Interns are recruited at the GS-7 level, with full performance potential to the GS-12. 
The FMCIP revolves around three core components: 
*       On-the-job experience and rotational assignments 
*       Training 
*       Mentoring 
On-the-job experience and rotational assignments
Each intern participates in hands-on, practical, on-the-job work assignments within his or her hiring bureau. Each assignment relates to the intern's series (either accountant or financial analyst) and lasts at least two months. 
In addition, each intern is required to complete a minimum of one eight-week long rotational assignment, each year, in another bureau in their local area. 
Through their on-the-job experiences and rotational assignments, the interns have opportunities to learn from many high-level leaders in the federal financial field. 
Each intern is required to complete a prescribed curriculum of financial management, accounting, and leadership courses. 
The curriculum is based on the Joint Financial Management Improvement Program <> core competencies for accountants and financial analysts and develops the knowledge and skill in areas such as (this list provides just a small sample): 
*       The Federal Budget 
*       Federal Financial Management Overview 
*       Fundamental Accounting Procedures in Federal Agencies 
*       U.S. Standard General Ledger 
*       Problem Solving 
*       Leadership Skills and Techniques 
*       Presentation Techniques 
Online Learning
DOIU offers over 2,000 online courses <> that cover a variety of technical and non-technical topics. Interns are strongly encouraged to take advantage of this flexible training delivery to augment their skill development and intern experience. 
Each intern benefits from participation in a structured mentoring program with a mentor of his or her choice. Mentors guide interns throughout the two-year program. 
Mentors and protégés participate in formal training at the orientation and are involved in on-going activities over the course of the program. 
Many of these mentor/protégé relationships extend beyond program completion.
Each applicant must hold a bachelor's degree in finance, accounting, business or related field from an accredited college or university, and must be a US citizen.

To apply, visit:  For more infromation, contact:
Ann Commeree <mailto:ann_commeree at>
FMCIP Program Manager
Chris Mattis <mailto:chris_mattis at>
FMCIP Program Coordinator


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