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Subject: Jobs Available at the Indian Walk-In Center


The following positions are available at the Indian Walk-In Center:  
Behavioral Health Program Manager, Family Preservation Coordinator, 
Community Health Nurse Manager.  Job Announcements are attached.

Please feel free to distribute and/or post to any individual or 
organization that may be interested in applying for these job openings.  
The following job announcements are also attached within this email 
using MS Word format.

Thank you,

Amanda J. Lopez-Robinson, MBA

Human Resource Director

Indian Walk-In Center

120 West 1300 South

Salt Lake City, UT 84115

Phone:  801-486-4877 ext. 11

Toll:  866-687-4942

Fax:  801-486-9943

Email:  arobins at


The mission of the Indian Walk-In Center is to aid and assist American 
Indian People; promote and provide health and behavioral health 
services; strengthen families and community with respect to cultural 
values and heritage.




Position Summary:  This position is responsible for all management and 
coordination of the activities of the Adult Substance Abuse and Youth 
Substance Abuse Programs, Family Preservation Program and Emergency 
Assistance Program of the IWIC behavioral health programs.  Works under 
the administrative functions related to the program development, 
implementation and evaluation of behavioral health services.  This 
position reports to the Executive Director.


    * Knowledge of program planning concepts, principles and practices
    * Possess professional manner and ability to communicate effectively
      with subordinates and other agency staff
    * Knowledge of existing social and behavioral health resources for
      patient care with a proven ability to pursue those resources
    * Willingness to take initiative in addressing concerns and issues
      for desired outcomes set forth by the Board of Directors for the
      agency and behavioral health programs
    * Knowledge of the cultural and social backgrounds of the Urban
      American Indian/Alaskan Native population and the ability to
      successfully integrate that knowledge into program activities
      (mind/body/spirit concept)
    * Ability to establish program goals and objectives and to assess
      program toward their achievement.  Ability to handle
      administration of multiple programs assuring efficiency in service
      delivery and program communication
    * Exceptional skills in written and verbal communication
    * Proficient using Microsoft software and knowledge of database

This is a full-time position with Exempt status.  The salary range is 
$40,000 to $42,000 with an excellent benefit package.


Qualifications and Experience:


    * MSW or related Master's Degree appropriate experience in Public
      Health, Counseling, Mental Health or similar environments
    * Licensed Clinical Social Worker preferred.  Evidence of
      Continuation Education activities to remain current on field of
    * Five years professional experience working in a clinical and/or
      outreach & referral agency in the field of public health, mental
      health, substance abuse, or community program development
    * Experience working with American Indian/Alaskan Native populations
    * Minimum three years of progressive supervisory experience
    * Possess current and valid licensure from the Utah State Department
      of Professional Licensing (DOPL), or be able to acquire within six
      months of hire
    * Must have valid Utah driver's license with no DUI/DWI or reckless
      driving convictions in the past five years
    * Employment is subject to background investigation clearance




Position Summary:  This position provides direct case management 
services, crisis management, and advocacy to American Indian/Alaskan 
Native families, individuals and children facing domestic violence, 
unemployment, poverty, isolation, broken homes, desertion, unsupportive 
environments, mental or physical illness, including alcoholism and drug 
abuse, neglected or abused children, single teen parents, 
shelter/housing issues and other similar emergency assistance program 
problems.  As an in-house crisis counselor, the position requires a 
certain percentage of outreach services including home visits.


This is a full-time position and is Non-Exempt. The hourly rate of pay 
is $18 to $22 per hour DOE with an excellent benefit package.


Qualifications and Experience:


    * Master's degree in social work with two or more years in counseling
    * LCSW preferred
    * Experience in case and program management
    * Experience working with American Indian/Alaskan Native populations
      with knowledge of traditional Indian values, culture, and customs,
      including the Indian Child Welfare Act.  Understand key concepts
      of Urban and Tribal Indian issues
    * Ability to work with minimum supervision
    * Good organizational skills and administrative abilities with
      experience in program development.  Ability to work as part of a
      comprehensive community team and to represent the program in the
    * Familiarity with community support systems




Position Summary:  The Community Health Nurse Manager must be a 
Registered Nurse with a minimum of three years experience Minimum of two 
years experience working in community clinics, public health facilities 
or equivalent  This position is responsible for providing quality 
comprehensive nursing services to American Indian/Alaskan Native (AI/AN) 
individuals, families, and their communities within an assigned 
geographic area. The scope of work includes providing leadership in 
identifying client needs and, in collaboration with the client and staff 
members, to develop, implement and oversee Wellness Care in the areas of 
diabetes, maternal /child and prenatal health, Elder care, patients with 
chronic and/or multiple health problems, as well as working with school 
health programs to provide immunizations and related updating.  Provide 
clinical and other appropriate support to the Health Program including 
diabetes services, health and dental referrals, follow-up and 
specialized education.  Position also entails acting as a Health 
Educator for Health Promotional/Disease Prevention in the community and 
with other collaborative agencies. 


This is a part-time (30 hrs per week) position with Exempt status.  The 
salary range is $35,000 to $42,000 with an excellent benefit package.


To apply for any of these positions, please submit your resume, along 
with a letter of intent and 4 letters of recommendations to the Human 
Resource Director at 120 West 1300 So., S.L.C., UT 84115 or email to 
hriwic at <mailto:hriwic at>.  For a request of the 
full job description listing responsibilities, qualifications, and 
experience, please call (801) 486-4877 or request one via email.  
Resumes will be reviewed immediately with the expected start date to be 
June 7, 2004.  To learn more about our organization, visit our website 

Sara McCormick
University of Utah
Center for Public Policy and Administration
260 South Central Campus Dr., Rm. 214
Salt Lake City, UT  84112-9154
Phone:	801.585.7764
Fax:	801.585.5489
sara.mccormick at

Sandi Parkes
Program Manager
Public Administration Education
sandi.parkes at

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