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    *   Following is a job posting for a Public Policy Specialist with
      the Utah Statewide Independent Living Council. This looks like a
      great opportunity for a student interested in policy analysis.
      Contact and application information are listed in the job
      description. Act quickly: the application deadline is Monday,
      September 12.
    * Following the job posting is information about the CIA's
      recruitment visit on the U of U campus.


Utah Statewide Independent Living Council
Working Title             Public Policy Specialist
Salary Range                         $16.00/hour
Application Period                  08/26/05 - 09/12/05
Location                                  1800 South West Temple, Ste. 204
                                                Salt Lake City, Utah  84115
Part/Full Time                        Part time position

General Description:
The Public Policy Specialist is responsible for assisting the USILC 
Executive Director in the identification and resolution of public policy 
which impacts the lives of people with disabilities.  The position will 
also assist the Executive Director in carrying out the operational 
duties of the organization.
Specific Duties:

 (1)        Work with the USILC and USOR to identify legislation, 
issues, public policy and resource development concerning individuals 
with disabilities.

 (2)        Research relevant disability legislation and public policy 
as it is being developed.

 (3)        Seek input from disability groups, agencies and others 
concerning proposed legislation and or public policy.

 (4)        Advise the USILC Council Chair, Executive Director and 
Legislative Committee Chair as well as designated USOR staff on the 
strengths and weaknesses of pending legislation and or public policy.

 (5)        Assist the USOR and USILC Executive Director in the 
development of position papers and or fact sheets relevant to pending 

 (6)        Serve as staff to the USILC Legislative Sub-Committee.

 (7)        Help organize and educate people with disabilities as well 
as the general public concerning issues, funding request and legislation 
submitted to the legislature by USOR and other disability agencies and 

 (8)        Organize and mobilize year long public and consumer support 
concerning legislation, public policy, and funding in behalf of 
individuals with disabilities.

 (9)        Provide year long information, education and technical 
assistance to Utah Legislators concerning issues, legislation and 
funding needs of individuals with disabilities.

 (10)      Attend all interim sessions of the Utah Legislature 
representing USILC and supporting USOR issues.

 (11)      Help develop advocacy coalitions in each of the six statewide 
CIL service areas.

 (12)      Help organize and develop statewide disability advocacy 
mentoring programs.

 (13)      Develop and implement training programs concerning:

 ·        Understanding Independent Living and USOR programs and issues.

·        Understanding the network of disability services and support 

·        Understanding the legislative process

·        Developing legislative coalitions

·        Effective advocacy with law makers

·        Developing partnerships with agencies.

·        Working locally and statewide to affect systems change.


 Knowledge of disability program services and issues.  Aware of agency 
and community resources, particularly those that deal with people with 
disabilities.  Working knowledge of Utah Independent Living, Vocational 
Rehabilitation and Assistive Technology programs.  Familiar with local, 
state and national legislative and public policy process.  Knowledge of 
public policy and legislation that impacts the lives of people with 
disabilities.  Working knowledge of training methodologies and 
techniques.  Skills in working with agency personnel, legislators and 
people with disabilities.  Excellent skills in verbal and written 

 Experience with working with disability service programs, advocacy and 
legislative process, people with disabilities, and independent living 
programs.  Experience serving on community boards and councils, and 
coalition building.


 HS Diploma

 Additional Preference:

 Preference will be given to applicants who have personal experience 
with disability.

 To apply please fax resume to (801) 463-1683 prior to 12:00 p.m. 
September 12, 2005.

For more information contact: Byoung at <mailto:Byoung at>


Also, the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) will be 
holding an information session on campus...

Date: Thursday, September 29
Time: 4:00 PM
Location: Student Union Building  Classroom 323AB (South wing of the 
Union upstairs)
Who should attend: All majors are invited to attend, certain majors 
listed below are preferred.
Complete on-line application no later than 19 September ( 
Selection and Notification period: 19 - 23 September
Interview Location: Career Services, 350 Student Services Building
Interview Date: Friday, 30 September
Pre-Interview Event(s): Information Session, Thurs., 29 Sept., 4 PM, 
Classroom 323AB. All students welcome
RSVP is requested. To do so, you must first log into the UCareerLink web 
site and click the "RSVP to Event" button at the bottom of the event 
description page. (Go to Career Events and search for CIA).

 >From the Directorate of Intelligence:

The CIA is the heart of the nation's intelligence and analysis is our 
product, providing vital finished intelligence to policymakers for 
decisions on matters of national security. The intelligence product can 
range from an assessment that goes to the President to regular briefings 
for a senior policymaker. Your skills in area studies, international 
economics, science and engineering, military analysis and quantitative 
methods make it all possible. Your daily work and the expertise you 
develop through training and experiences contribute to a process that 
reaches the very forefront of national decision-making.

We are currently recruiting for some of the following Analytic positions:

Analytic Methodologist, Collection Analyst, Counterterrorism Analyst, 
Economic Analyst, Leadership Analyst, Military Analyst, Political 
Analyst, Science, Technology, and Weapons Analyst, and others listed on 
the Website.

Minimum general requirements include a preference for a master's degree 
in foreign area study, international relations, political science, 
modern history, national security studies, economics, statistics, 
political psychology, and other relevant areas. A degree in demography, 
anthropology, geography, comparative politics, media studies and more, 
combined with an international focus, is a strong plus. Undergraduate 
candidates with exceptional international regional expertise or 
analytical skills, language capabilities and work experience will also 
be considered. Foreign language skills and some travel or residency in 
the region are highly desired. All candidates must also possess strong 
skills in written and oral English and a keen interest in a career that 
requires regular writing assignments. A GPA of 3.2 or better on a 4.0 
scale is required. For more specific requirements view the relevant 
position descriptions on the Cia web site.

The CIA will be conducting on-campus interviews September 30. To be 
considered for an interview please go to our web site at 
<file://> and complete the online application. Only 
applicants considered competitive at this time will be contacted for 

Please see Application details below:

Complete on-line application no later than 19 September
Selection and Notification period: 19 - 23 September
Interview Location: Career Services, 350 Student Services Building
Interview Date: Friday, 30 September
Pre-Interview Event(s): Information Session, Thurs., 29 Sept., 4 PM, 
Classroom 323AB. All students welcome.

All positions require that an applicant be a U.S. Citizen, be willing to 
relocate to the Northern Virginia area and undergo an in-depth security 
clearance process. Applicants can apply up to 12 months prior their date 
of availability.

If you have any questions concerning the employment process please 
contact the West Coast Recruitment Office at 714-657-3766 or email 
ciawcro at
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