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Division of Planning - Supervisor: A. Ikefuna - (607) $ 44,902 - 58,162 yr.

Closing date: July 14, 2006 at 5:00 p.m.



Performs planning analysis for complex planning projects to ensure 
implementation of Master Plan goals, policies and zoning ordinance 
regulations. Analyzes master plan policies, zoning ordinance compliance, 
negotiated development exactions, performance standards and initiates 
staff recommendations. Prepares in narrative, statistical and graphic 
format comprehensive long range master plans, small area master plans 
and/or block redesign plans. Prepares professional staff reports for the 
Mayor, City Council, Planning Commission, Historic Landmark Committee, 
various advisory groups and the general public. Manages the citizen 
participation process for long range plans and complex development 
projects; maintains required records, meeting summaries, other mandatory 
information; negotiates solutions with citizen councils, developers, 
officials from the City, other municipalities, counties, regional 
planning agencies, the State of Utah and the Federal government. 
Reviews, interprets and approves plans and applications for compliance 
with planning and development regulations for conditional uses, 
subdivisions and/or Capital Improvement Projects, or refers individuals 
to the appropriate governing agency. Issues Certificate of Occupancy 
permits for construction projects assuring compliance with planning and 
zoning approvals. Determines cash bond amounts necessary for temporary 
occupancy to assure completion. Writes and maintains environmental 
reviews and assessments for all City projects that use federal, state or 
city funds in order to ensure compliance with standard audit procedures. 
Initiates and manages the consultant selection process, implementation 
of plans, and contract monitoring and payment for consultant planning 
projects. Attends and/or conducts meetings to explain planning and 
development activities, propose conflict resolution solutions, and 
respond to inquiries. Makes formal presentations of planning issues to 
citizen and community councils, the Planning Commission, Historic 
Landmark Committee, Board of Adjustment, Mayor and the City Council. 
Performs other related duties as required.

 Minimum Qualifications:

·        Graduation from an accredited college or university with a 
bachelor's degree in urban planning or a closely related field and four 
(4) years full time, paid, professional experience in city planning OR 
an equivalent combination of education and full time, paid, professional 
urban planning experience on a year for year basis. Specialized planners 
may require specific, specialized experience.

·       Ability to perform the compilation, analysis and preparation of 
professional written reports and technical statistical analyses and 

·        Knowledge of principles and practices of urban planning, 
building construction, site development, zoning ordinances, urban 
design, historic preservation, architecture and landscape architecture 
as applied to city planning and other Federal and environmental 
standards, processes and policies.

·        Demonstrated ability to write professional staff reports and 
planning policies. Must communicate effectively, both orally and in 
writing, with individuals from diverse organizations and background


Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with 
division heads, supervisors, employees and the general public.


·       Possession of a valid Utah driver's license to visit various 
sites locations or participate in citizen/committee meetings.


Desired Qualifications:


·       Membership in the American Planning Association (APA), the 
American Institute of Architects (AIA) or the Society of Landscape 
Architects (ASLA).


·       Possession of an AICP certificate.


·       Demonstrated ability in computer applications related to planning.


·       Design Review Experience.



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