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451 South State Street, Room 115, Salt Lake City, Utah 
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TDD (Hearing Impaired Line) 
           Job Code:   0630

Office 801-535-7900 - Fax 801-535-6614

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Airport Finance and Accounting Division - Supervisor: J. Moratalla - 
(606) $3629 - 4537 mo.

Closing date:  July 10, 2006 at 5:00 p.m.



A ten-year personal, criminal and employment background check is 
required by the Salt Lake City Department of Airports and the 
Transportation Security Administration for this position. May be 
required to undergo an additional background criminal review by US 
Customs. May require review of the candidate's driving history




Conducts financial analyses, assists in budget development and furnishes 
research related to revenue management. Knowledge of accounting, 
budgeting and financial methodologies and financial modeling.  Assembles 
and analyzes data. Prepares worksheets, charts, graphs and reports.  
Maintains and reviews cash flow analysis. Performs cost analysis and 
modeling, and determines the necessary resource requirement.  Assists in 
the analysis of market demand and assesses the impact on the Airport. 
Coordinates with financial reporting section in development of 
revenue/expense reports. Participates in cross-functional activities to 
develop and maintain an understanding of various airport operating 
units.  Analyzes and reports non-value added activities of the Airport 
Authority.  Assists in the forming of Airport related policies and 
procedures related to budget development and management.  Facilitates 
the preparation of financial analysis with departments, and provides 
support for related contract negotiations. Provides technical assistance 
to department administrators as requested. Prepares monthly budget 
control schedules for the various operating units of the Airport. 
Recommends correcting journal entries if needed.  Participates in the 
development of the overall annual budget preparation process.  Tracks 
and evaluates spending that will or has exceeded budget, and recommends 
possible courses of action. Assists in the preparation of the monthly 
cash flow projections for the airport.  Ensures completeness and 
accuracy of projections. On a quarterly basis, assists in the 
preparation and maintenance of the airport-staffing document for each 
budget year. Assists with the development of the budget book and overall 
budget process.  Maintains the revenue forecasting system and presents 
revenue forecasts with applicable graphs and reports.  Participates in 
the analysis of projected economic conditions and industry indicators, 
and determines the impact to Airports' budget, cash flow and revenue 
projections.  Prepares various "what-if" analyses or scenarios 
presenting the financial and operating impacts of major decisions under 
consideration by Airport Administrators.

Performs other duties as assigned.


Minimum Qualifications:


·         Graduation from an accredited four-year college or university 
in accounting, finance, economics, public administration, statistics or 
a directly related field, plus four (4) years' progressively responsible 
and comprehensive  experience in budgeting, revenue forecasting, 
financial analysis and financial modeling.


·         Experience should include statistical analysis and research 
methods.  Proficiency in computer use and the application of various 
associated software including spreadsheet, word processing, and 
accounting programs.


·         Ability to research and understand complex financial agreements.


·         Demonstrated ability to work with multi-disciplinary team 
facilitation, inter-department work group coordination, and ability to 
work independently.


·         Excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to communicate 
and present financial information effectively orally and in writing.



Preferred Qualifications:


·         MBA (Masters in Business Administration), MPA (Masters in 
Public Administration, Master of Science in Economics, Master of Science 
in Statistics.



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