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Salt Lake City Corporation                                              
*Human Resource Management*         *                              
451 South State Street, Room 115, Salt Lake City, Utah 
84111                                                              **
TDD (Hearing Impaired Line) 
Office 801-535-7900 -- Fax 801-535-6614
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Community Affairs Division -- Supervisor:  D. Karrenberg  
$39,000 - $42,000 yr (DOQ)
***/_Interested applicants should apply promptly_/*
** Under general direction of the Mayor's Chief of Staff and supervision 
of the Community Affairs Manager, acts as liaison between the Mayor's 
Office, city departments, City Council, community councils, community 
and the media in assigned City Council districts.  Identifies and 
follows trends in the community to advise the Mayor on emerging policy 
issues.  Responds to individuals' and community complaints, concerns and 
inquiries, by researching and analyzing problems and policy issues and 
developing solutions.  Assists in mediating disputes between citizens 
and government and expedites final decisions on disputed issues.  Serves 
as a member of the appropriate Community Action Team(s) (CAT). These 
teams consist of specific agencies that work together to resolve 
administrative issues and concerns of the various communities.  Performs 
complex analytical duties that include gathering data, conducting 
surveys and analytical studies, and developing comprehensive information 
packages for Mayor and/or Chief of Staff.  This is a professional 
position requiring excellent written and verbal communication skills, 
the exercise of independent judgment, and discretion in handling 
confidential information.  /_This is an appointed, exempt and at will 
position in the Office of the Mayor_/.
*//**__**_Desired Qualifications_*:
·         Graduation from an accredited college or university with a 
bachelor's degree in Public Administration, Business Management, 
Sociology or related subject. Related experience may be substituted for 
the academic requirement on a year-for-year basis.
·         Strong English, written, oral, and public presentation 
skills.  Proven track record in the establishment and maintenance of 
strong relationships with all levels of staff and management in the 
public and private sectors.
·         Valid Utah driver's license or ability to obtain within 30 
days of hire.
Human Resource Division -- Supervisor: J. Knighton
(608) $3984 - $5141 mo.
*_Closing date: November 17, 2006//_*
/_ _/
*/(This position will be filled as either a Senior Human Resource 
Consultant or Human Resource Consultant, depending on qualifications)/*
/ /Acts in a senior level, generalist capacity to advise departments on 
all personnel-related matters. Performs all the duties of HR Consultant, 
and provides guidance or assistance to the Consultant as the need arises 
or as the Consultant may request. Assumes full technical responsibility 
for unusually complex personnel projects, studies, policies or programs. 
Demonstrates advanced knowledge and effectiveness in all human resource 
disciplines. Serves as consultant to assigned or requesting departments, 
and as liaison with Office of Personnel Services Division on all 
employment practices matters, including classification and compensation, 
discipline and counseling, equal employment opportunity/affirmative 
action, promotion and selection, performance planning and evaluation, 
organization development, employee communications, labor relations and 
employee assistance. Writes or assists in the writing of programs, 
policies, guidelines and amendments as related to any or all of the 
employment practices categories listed above.  Develops and implements.  
Serves as team leader in one or more such categories, and may supervise 
on a rotating basis division personnel working in the functional 
specialty. Advises departments on organization, reorganization, staffing 
and duty reassignment. Researches and reviews information on potential 
or current issues, and meets with management, employees and employee 
representatives to prevent or resolve same.  Provides information and 
consultation to Labor Relations team concerning labor contract issues 
and union grievances. Recommends disciplinary action, counseling and/or 
employee assistance as appropriate.  Consults with all parties involved, 
and makes sure all mitigating and aggravating circumstances are brought 
under consideration.  Ensures department follows proper, defensible 
procedures consistent with the preservation of human dignity and the 
view that most employees are conscientious and capable. Performs or 
guides Human Resource Associate in the performance of position 
classification, including description writing, job evaluation and report 
preparation.  Advises departments on classification issues left 
unresolved by established procedures, or which fall outside precedent or 
convention. Develops and conducts presentations to employee groups and 
individuals for purposes of training, acquiring employee input, or new 
program introduction.  Audience may include cabinet, council, 
committees, agencies and divisions both inside and outside City 
organization. Investigates or assists in the investigation of claims of 
unfair employment practices, including denial of equal employment 
opportunity, sexual harassment, and alleged violation of rules by both 
supervisors and employees.  Reports on findings. Guides and monitors 
city's selection and promotion process. Assists in certification of 
applicant qualifications, and may serve on oral boards. Performs other 
related duties as required.
***__* ***__**__**__*
*_Minimum Qualifications:_*
·     Graduation from an accredited four year college or university in 
Human Resource Management, Business Administration, Public 
Administration or closely related field and six years' professional 
experience in human resource management. Education and experience may be 
substituted one for the other on a year-for-year basis.
·         Advanced knowledge of human resource management principles, 
methods and techniques, and ability to apply these in a quality-oriented 
environment. Ability to resolve highly complex issues; develop and 
communicate new policies and procedures.
  *_Desired Qualifications:_*
*_ _*

    * Experience in training,**
    * Training program development, assessment and evaluation**
    * Supervision of training staff**

*/ /* 
Planning Division -- Supervisor: C. Coffey
(608)  $3984 - $5141 mo
*_Closing date: November 17, 2006 at 5:00 p.m._* ****
This position requires planning expertise in complex, current and long 
range planning research, analysis, team coordination and the political 
processes necessary for review and adoption of multifaceted master plans 
and other complex planning projects. Serves as a resource to assigned or 
requesting Planning Division Sections and staff. Prepares or assists in 
the presentation of narrative, statistical and graphic data regarding 
comprehensive master plans, small area master plans and/or block 
redesign plans. Coordinates the process or prepares him/herself, 
professional staff reports for the Mayor, City Council, Planning 
Commission, various advisory groups and the general public. Services as 
principal author of land development regulations. Researches and reviews 
information on potential or current issues, and meets with management 
team, planning team members to address and/or resolve same. Assures that 
the City's Urban Design Element is up-to-date and incorporates best 
professional practices. Represents the Planning Division on city design 
review committees and interdivisional planning projects. Manages the 
citizen participation process for long-range plans and complex 
development projects. Maintains required records, meeting summaries. 
Negotiates, or assists team members in the negotiation of solutions with 
citizen councils, developers, City officials, other governmental 
agencies and regional planning organizations. Performs planning analysis 
for complex projects to ensure implementation of Master Plan goals, 
policies and zoning ordinance regulations. Analyzes and recommends 
modifications to master plan policies, zoning regulations, negotiated 
development extractions and assists other planning team members in the 
implementation of those recommendations. Reviews, interprets and 
approves applications for conditional uses, subdivisions and/or Capital 
Improvements Projects. Conducts or advises other planning staff on site 
reviews and the issuing of Certificate of Occupancy permits for 
constructions projects. Determines cash bond amounts necessary for 
temporary occupancy to assure completion. Writes environmental reviews 
and assessments and maintains an environmental review record for all 
City projects that use federal funds. Prepares complex Community 
Development Block Grant applications for planning projects and prepares 
Community Improvement and Historic Preservation Grant Applications. 
Participates or coordinates consultant selection process and project 
management including the processing of consultant payments and other 
financial responsibilities associated with grant funded projects. 
Performs other related duties as requested.
*_ _*
*_Minimum Qualifications:_*

    * Graduation from an accredited college or university with a
      bachelor's degree in urban planning or a closely related field and
      six *(6)* years full time paid professional experience in city
      planning including the simultaneous coordination of various
      planning team projects. An equivalent combination of education and
      experience may be substituted one for the other on a year-for-year
      basis, but must include a minimum of three *(3)* years experience
      in the simultaneous coordination of various Planning team projects.

*_Minimum Qualifications Continued_*:

    * Ability to coordinate or perform compilation, analysis and
      preparation of professional written reports and technical analyses
      and forecasts.


    * Demonstrated ability to work interdependently with initiative,
      reliability and appreciation of team member contributions.

·         Knowledge of State and Federal laws relating to land use 
planning and Federal environmental regulations and the NEPA process.

    * Demonstrated ability to use professional Planning software


    * Possession of an AICP certificate.

*_Desired Qualifications:_*

    * Ability to make formal interpretations of all provisions of the
      Salt Lake City Zoning Ordinance.
    * Ability to provide technical information and answer a variety of
      questions from the public relating to planning, zoning, and
      development procedures.


    * Ability to write specific property related zoning confirmation and
      nonconforming use status letters to lending institutions,
      appraisers, title companies, and other interested property
      conveyance individuals.
    * Ability to write professional staff reports relating to requests
      for variances, special exceptions and use interpretations of the
      zoning ordinance. 


    * Ability to conduct research and make determinations regarding
      nonconforming uses as defined by the Zoning Ordinance including
      determining if use rights are abandoned.


    * Experience in working with or managing the Board of Adjustment.


    * Ability to make decisions relating to routine and uncontested
      matters as delegated from the Board of Adjustment. 

*/ /*

·          Application available on-line: 
<>  or in the Human Resource Office.   */_We do 
not accept other employers' application forms._/*
·          Individuals requesting Veteran's preference, *_mus/t 
/complete_ *our EEO supplemental sheet attached to our application, and 
should provide the Human Resource Division with a copy of your form 
DD-214.  This form may be faxed to Human Resources at:  801-535-6614.
·          */_Applicants wishing to receive credit for their education 
will be required to provide copies of their transcripts at the 
·          Appointments are usually made at the lowest salary indicated.
·          This job announcement is not a contract.
·          Terms and conditions of employment are subject to change.
·          Payroll direct deposit will be required.
·          */_Special Notice:_/*/  In the interest of workplace and 
public safety, all offers of employment are contingent upon the 
successful completion of a chemical screen for the purpose of detecting 
the presence of alcohol and/or controlled substances in the body*.  
**All employees are subject to chemical screens before employment and 
throughout the duration of their City employment in accordance with City 
policies and procedures*/*/./**        *
*            **                            Salt Lake City Corporation is 
an Equal Opportunity Employer*
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