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Salt Lake City Corporation
*Human Resource Management* *__*
451 South State Street, Room 115, P.O. Box 145464
Salt Lake City, Utah 84114-5464  TDD (Hearing Impaired Line) 801-535-7218
Office 801-535-7900 -- Fax 801-535-6614
Web Address: <>
Office of the Mayor
$71,947 - $92,830 yr.
*_Closing date: January 4, 2008 at 5:00 p.m._*
*/This is an appointed, exempt and at will position in the Office of the 
Under direction of the Mayor, this position will work with City staff, 
department directors, and elected officials to better evaluate and 
integrate long-term economic, environmental, and social considerations 
into City plans, actions, and expenditures.  Incumbent creates and 
maintains a sustainability management system by setting targets and 
objectives that focus on the City's triple bottom line of economic 
prosperity, environmental quality, and social justice. Works with City 
departments to continuously reduce the environmental impacts of City 
facilities, operations, and services. Ensures that the City is in 
compliance with federal, state and local environmental regulations.  
Prepares and updates an annual sustainability-management-planning agenda 
for the City.  Prepares and manages the budget for the Division, 
authorizes expenditures and enters into contracts for professional 
services in accordance with the budget.  Develops and manages 
sustainability programs.  Works with nonprofit organizations and the 
business community to identify and pursue opportunities to accelerate 
the adoption of sustainable practices throughout the community and 
region. Enters into agreements with other agencies that are necessary to 
implement programs to carry out the responsibilities of the office, 
applies for grants and donations, and solicits and uses volunteer 
services.  Serves as the City's representative to boards, commissions 
and organizations engaged in issues pertaining to sustainability and 
environmental management. Administers all rules and ordinances 
pertaining to the City's sustainability program. In collaboration with 
the Mayor's Communication Director, responds to media requests for 
comment on environmental issues or documents. Reports to the Mayor and 
City Council on the City's overall performance in meeting sustainability 
*/_Desired Qualifications:_/*

    * Master's degree in Public Policy, Business Management,
      Environmental Planning, or related field, and ten (10)  years'
      progressive experience in the implementation and management of
      projects; five (5) of them in a municipal setting.  Specific
      experience in the use of International /Organization for
      Standardization (ISO) /management systems to support the
      management, evaluation, measurement, and completion of planning
      and environmental projects is preferred.


    * Demonstrated success in large-scale, corporate-wide program
      management efforts related to complex, competing sustainability
      and organizational management issues. Highly effective
      collaboration and communication skills as needed to gain support
      and interdepartmental cooperation on complex, corporate-wide
      sustainability issues.


    * Thorough knowledge of management research methods, current public
      administration practices, public affairs, intergovernmental
      coordination, climate science, environmental compliance,
      budgeting, and current legislative and regulatory initiatives.


    * Ability to build a responsive, well trained team of sustainability
      professionals within City Administration, who can mitigate
      individual department sustainability issues and work cooperatively
      on large-scale, city--wide sustainability management.

*/ /*
*/ /*
Angie Stefaniak, MPA
Program Manager
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