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Angie Stefaniak angela.stefaniak at
Tue Mar 20 16:32:56 MDT 2007

Utah Foundation is seeking a Research Analyst to perform public policy 
analysis and research. This is
a full-time, permanent, salaried position.

The ideal candidate would have experience in public policy analysis in 
Utah through academic or
professional work. Understanding of budgeting, legislative, and 
administrative processes in Utah state
and local governments will be valuable, as will relationships with 
individuals in Utah’s policy community
and understanding of data sources for research on policy issues.

Proven, strong writing skills are required. Candidates must show a 
demonstrated ability to analyze
complicated subjects in an even-handed, nonpartisan manner. This 
position requires a high level of
productivity and the ability to direct one’s activities toward meeting 
regular deadlines for research
publications. This analyst will sometimes work as a sole researcher on a 
topic and at other times will
collaborate with other staff to jointly produce reports. Candidates must 
hold a bachelor’s degree and
should hold a master’s degree in public administration, public policy, 
political science, economics,
communications, or related subjects.

Although Utah Foundation is not an advocacy organization, this position 
offers an excellent opportunity
to be involved in public policy making by attending hearings, testifying 
as a policy expert, participating
in working groups and conferences, and interfacing with the press, 
academia, and other interested

The salary will depend on experience, probably ranging between $34,000 
and $40,000 per year.
Benefits include health and dental insurance (90% paid by the 
Foundation), vacation and sick leave,
opportunity to participate in a 403(b) tax-deferred retirement plan 
(similar to a 401(k)), and an
employee-funded, tax-exempt medical/dental/child care flexible spending 

Please call Steve Kroes, President, at (801) 355-1400 to express 
interest in this position. You must
also submit a resume and a writing sample (written with minimal or no 
editing by others) by email or fax
Email: steve at
Fax: (801) 355-1470

The mission of Utah Foundation is to promote a thriving economy, a 
well-prepared workforce, and a high quality
of life for Utahns by performing thorough, well-supported research that 
helps policymakers, business and
community leaders, and citizens better understand complex issues and 
providing practical, well-reasoned
recommendations for policy change.

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