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FRIENDS of Great Salt Lake is pleased to announce a new employment 
opportunity for a Membership and Outreach Coordinator

Title: Membership and Outreach Coordinator

Start Date: 1 March 2008

Supervisor: Executive Director, Lynn de Freitas

Applications due: 8 February 2008

Position: Part-time - 20/hrs week Pay: $15/hr

Summary of position: The Membership and Outreach Coordinator will create 
and implement an annual membership plan. This includes coordinating 
membership mailings, maintenance of the membership database, and all 
membership correspondence via mail and email. The Coordinator will be 
responsible for data entry, donor reports, renewal milestone reports, 
and management of membership inventory. The Coordinator will direct all 
aspects of outreach activities/programs and annual events and develop or 
designs outreach materials. The Coordinator will attend all Board of 
Director meetings and present reports and data analysis as needed. 20 
hours/week @ $15.00/hr. - funding is assured for 2 years. We are looking 
for a creative individual with some proficiency in database programs; 
knowledge of FileMaker Pro 8 is preferable. Familiarity with design 
software will be necessary for the development of outreach and marketing 
materials. Home computer with Internet and workspace is recommended.

Duties include: Membership development and retention - 50 %

Plan and implement the membership program, which includes recruiting new 
members, retaining current members, and thanking members.

Distribute: at least 4 renewal notices to each quarter's lapsing 
members; 2 special appeals annually; and associated membership mailings 
and email correspondence as needed.

Conduct analysis of membership recruitment, retention activities, and 
special appeals.

Process membership donations, renewals, monthly giving, and donor 

Manage the FRIENDS of Great Salt Lake database system and the 
development of needed support materials for use by staff. Produce all 
lists, data and analysis from database needed by staff for program and 
outreach activities.

Identify major donors and work with Executive and Assistant Directors to 
build donor


Identify community events for the FRIENDS booth and staff these events 
with volunteers.

Provide membership and program information to prospective members as needed.

Outreach Activities/Programs, Annual Events, and Related Materials - 50%

Develop and coordinate with the Executive and Assistant Directors, all 
membership and outreach activities/programs including an annual 
membership meeting, member field trip activities, biennial Great Salt 
Lake Issues Forum, the Doyle Stephens Scholarship Award presentation, 
and fundraising events.

Design, coordinate print and distribute outreach materials as needed, 
including: membership brochure, annual reports, volunteer brochure, fact 
sheets, and related materials.

Assist with educational programs, including Lakeside Learning Field 
Trips, LakeSide Investigations Field Trips and other educational 
outreach, as needed.

Please send a cover letter and a copy of your resume by 8 February 2008 to:

FRIENDS of Great Salt Lake,

P.O. Box 2655, Salt Lake City, Utah 84110

If you have any questions, please call Katie Pearce at 801-322-3216


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