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**Town of Alta
*Assistant Administrator Job Description*
*Salary** Range**: *$35,000 to $42,000 annual
*Benefits: *Health, dental, and life insurance; enrollment in the State 
Retirement System; vacation and sick leave; ski pass
The Assistant Town Administrator (ATA) position is dynamic with an 
emphasis on managing and conducting a wide range of special projects and 
programs as well as acting as a liaison with diverse interests including 
government, private, and non-profit organizations covering a broad range 
of topics. The ATA must have strong communication skills, both written 
and verbal. The
ATA will also manage the Town of Alta's geographic information system, 
and have experience in ESRI ArcGIS software. The following are typical 
duties of the ATA:
1) Support the Town Administrator and Mayor with various tasks and 
research including planning and zoning tasks;
2) Communicate and work with local, State and Federal land and resource 
management agencies with respect to watershed and other natural resource 
management issues, as well as advise the Mayor and Town Council as 
needed on these topics;
3) Represent the Town of Alta on various committees regarding 
environmental, transportation, and homeland security issues;
4) Coordinate, analyze and conduct projects relating to environmental 
5) Coordinate, conduct and analyze transportation issues and projects;
6) Manage the Town of Alta's Recycling Program;
7) Support the Alta Planning Commission with various tasks and research;
8) Support the Town in analyzing legal issues in conjunction with other 
Town staff, the
Mayor, and Town attorneys;
9) Preparation of a monthly Town newsletter and/or coordination with the 
website administrator to post important information;
10) Preparation of grant applications and administration of grant funding;
11) Liaison with the Alta Marshal's Office regarding Homeland Security 
and public safety issues, including facilitation of procurement of 
equipment under Federal Homeland
Security Grants, as well as assist with development of emergency 
management policies and procedures;
12) Work with Town staff, attorneys, Mayor, and lobbyists for issues at 
the State Legislature that affect the Town; and
13) Manage GIS updates and preparation of GIS products for various 
projects and purposes.
*Minimum qualifications: *Bachelors degree from an accredited college or 
university in environmental studies (or related natural sciences), 
geography, planning, political science, public administration, or law.
*Desired qualifications: *Three or more years work experience in 
environmental, planning, policy, public administration, or related field.
For more information or to submit resume, please contact Kate Black, 
Town Clerk at
P.O. Box 8016 Alta, UT 84092-8016 or email: kswb at or 
Angie Stefaniak, MPA
Program Manager
Master of Public Policy Program <>
Demography Certificate Program <>
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