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The California Legislative Analyst's Office (LAO) is seeking applications for its Fiscal and Policy Analyst (FPA) position and summer internship program. This letter provides information on the LAO, the advertised positions, and the application process. Additional information can be found on our website at<>.

We request that you forward this e-mail to students and alumni seeking employment and post our employment announcement where appropriate. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

The Legislative Analyst's Office

The LAO is the nonpartisan fiscal and policy advisor to the California Legislature. Its mission is to reduce the cost of state government and/or to increase its efficiency. Established in 1941, the LAO is the oldest office of its type in the country, and maintains a national reputation for its nonpartisanship and its high quality staff and analyses. The office maintains a professional, collegial work environment that strives for an appropriate work/life balance.

The office does the following three main types of work for the Legislature:

*         Analyzes the Governor's annual budget proposal, testifies at legislative hearings, and conducts legislative oversight throughout the year.

*         Responds to requests from Members of the California Legislature on programs and finances.

*         Produces independent, self-generated reports to assist the Legislature in addressing the major fiscal and policy issues facing California. For example, we have recently published reports on (1) the impact of federal health care reform on California, (2) the insolvency of California's Unemployment Insurance Fund, and (3) using distance education to increase college access and efficiency.

Positions Advertised

Fiscal and Policy Analyst. The FPA's primary responsibility is to be the LAO's expert in a specific policy area. Policy areas are: state finance; health; social services;    K-12 education; higher education; business, transportation, and housing; resources and environmental protection; criminal justice; and general government. A complete description of the FPA position can be found at:

Summer Internships. The LAO operates a 12-week, summer internship program that provides a rigorous analytical experience for individuals who (1) have completed the first year of a two-year graduate program that provides both a quantitative and policy analytical curriculum and (2) are interested in becoming a full-time FPA after graduation. The internship pays $2,650 per month. Additional information on the program is available at:<>.

Application Process

Interested individuals should e-mail a cover letter, resume, and three references (names, phone numbers, and relationships only, not letters of reference) to lao.employment at<mailto:lao.employment at>. The deadline for receipt of applications is December 17, 2010. We will respond to all applicants by January 7, 2011. As part of this year's recruiting process, we will conduct a limited number of on-campus interviews in January and February 2011.

I will review the resumes to determine which schools to visit for on-campus, first-round interviews. The decision will be based on the quality and perceived "fit" of the applicants as indicated by the resumes and whether there are enough interested and qualified applicants to warrant a visit. I will also conduct phone interviews with those selected for interviews from schools that we will not visit this year.

A second round interview, if appropriate, will take place in Sacramento in March 2011. Decisions and offers will be made no later than April 2011. Typically, new hires begin work at the LAO in August or September.

The LAO anticipates hiring from five to eight FPAs during the recruiting cycle and three or four summer interns. At this time, we do not know what policy areas will be vacant when new hires report next summer and fall. Consequently, we are not recruiting for specific policy areas. Our assignment process takes into account existing vacancies, the needs of the office, and the interests of the new hires.

I look forward to hearing from you. If you have any questions, please contact me at (916) 319-8304 or larry.castro at<mailto:larry.castro at>.


Larry Castro, Manager
Administration and Human Resources

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