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Requisition Number: 11-95 Job Title: Emergency Services Director Salary: $35.75 Hourly
$6,196 Monthly
$74,352 Annually Salary Grade: 37
Opening Date: 08/30/2011 Closing Date: 09/08/2011 Position Type: Full-Time
Work Hours: 40
Department: Elected Offices
Division: Mayor Operations
Section: Administration
Work Location: Salt Lake County Government Center - 2001 South State Street
Important Information:
Work history and education must be clearly documented on the resume.
Starting salary above the minimum of the range is dependent upon qualifications and approval from the Salt Lake County Mayor's Office.

Position Description:
Under the administrative direction of the mayor, plans and advances Salt Lake County's Emergency Management Program. Coordinates, facilitates and allocates appropriate resources in response to emergencies or disasters requiring Emergency Management assistance.
A Master's degree in Emergency Management, Business Administration, Public Administration, or other related field, plus four (4) years of increasingly responsible experience in emergency management or a first responder discipline; at least two (2) years of which must have been in an administrative or management capacity.
A Bachelor's degree in Emergency Management, Business Administration, Public Administration or other related field, plus six (6) years of increasingly responsible experience in emergency management or a first responder discipline;  at least two (2) years of which must have been in an administrative or management capacity.
An equivalent combination or related education and experience except that education may not be substituted for the required administrative or management experience.

 *   Organize, coordinate, and maintain the County Emergency Management Program to cope with on-going operations, emergency situations, and natural disasters including restoration procedures.
 *   Provide program guidelines on which to evaluate and improve local government readiness for disaster operations in coordination with program goals set by state and federal standards; relays information from higher level emergency management organizations to local government.
 *   Develop and maintain the County Emergency Operation Plan. Advise and assist County departments and local government agencies on strategies for developing emergency plans and procedures to ensure conformance and compatibility with the County Emergency Operation Plan and other applicable plans and procedures.
 *   Prepare reports on operations and activities; prepare, submit and implement Federal Emergency Management Agency grant proposals.
 *   Prepare and manage the Emergency Services budget and contract.
 *   Recruit and train volunteer personnel; conduct or obtain training for government employees; coordinate community response training for government and private sector personnel; design, execute, and evaluate emergency/disaster preparedness, response, and recovery exercises.
 *   Cooperate closely with state emergency management officials and emergency services personnel of other counties and/or cities to coordinate the work of local volunteer groups and the utilization of resources when the need for assistance and mutual aid may be apparent.
 *   Coordinate the activity of municipal emergency management organizations within the County and assist in establishing and conducting training programs as required to assure emergency operational capability in the various emergency response and recovery services.
 *   Serve on councils and committees including emergency management, emergency medical, public safety, and other emergency service groups.
 *   Act as principal aide and advisor to the Mayor for direction and control of all County emergency operations during an emergency; monitor/review regional threats, evaluate warnings, alerts, and situation reports and provide critical accurate information to the Mayor and cabinet level officials.
 *   Supervise and review the work of assigned staff. Evaluate operations and activities in terms of implementation of County's emergency management goals and objectives; establish schedules and methods for assigned activities.
 *   Assist in the management and coordination of disaster response in an Emergency Operations Center environment that may be staffed 24 hours a day for extended periods of time.
 *   Develop mutual aid agreements with appropriate agencies for reciprocal emergency management aid and assistance consistent with the State Emergency Plan.
 *   Perform related duties as assigned

Requisition Number: 11-79 Job Title: Ombudsman Salary: $ 17.34 Hourly
$ 3,006 Monthy
$ 36,069 Annually Salary Grade: 22
Opening Date: 08/22/2011 Closing Date: 09/03/2011 Position Type: Full-Time
Work Hours: 40
Department: Human Services
Division: Aging Services
Section: Outreach
Work Location: Salt Lake County Government Center - 2001 South State Street
Important Information:
Must be available for clients 24 hours a day.
Position Description:
Promotes, advocates, and ensures the adequacy and safety of care received and the quality of life of older adult residents of assisted living and long-term care facilities in Salt Lake and Tooele counties in accordance with applicable federal and state laws, regulations and policies.
Graduation from an accredited college or university with a bachelor's degree in a related area or an equivalent combination of related education and experience. Incumbent must be able to obtain certification through the state of Utah as a certified Ombudsman within six months of hire.

 *   Encourages elderly residents and family members to advocate for positive change in the facility.
 *   Provides information and referrals to individuals regarding assisted living and long-term care facilities or the needs/rights of elderly residents to the general public, residents, community organizations and other agencies.
 *   Investigates reports of alleged inadequacy of care and violations of rights, abuse, neglect or exploitation of residents.
 *   With resident's permission, coordinates and cooperates with other agencies to protect elderly residents.
 *   Conducts consultations and resolves complaints through an action plan.
 *   Provides advocacy to correct problems individually and on a systemic level.  Ensures that interventions focus on the quality of care and life.
 *   Coordinates services with Medicaid Fraud, Adult Protective Services, state agencies licensing and certifying assisted living and long-term care facilities and other appropriate agencies.
 *   Creates and maintains case records.
 *   Ensures the timely entering, maintenance, and submission of activities and case work into software programs.
 *   Provides specialized technical assistance, consultation, training, and resources to provider and community organizations.
 *   Provides recruitment, training, management, and support of volunteers.

Melissa Yack Hall, MPA, ABD
MPA Program Manager
University of Utah
P:  801.585.7985
F:  801.587.7861
Orson Spencer Hall 214

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